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At this moment you have entered the page, which represents free ups tracking option. We have created this service to satisfy the needs of every USA citizen – no matter, which work is he doing or which employee’s position does he have. Today’s reality made a living without delivery options almost impossible. Thanks to it, you can congratulate your relates with every high day, or order something from any part of the world. Also, we should not forget about working needs – cause a significant amount of companies uses postal services daily dozens of times.


This section contains the most popular situations, which you can face while using the ups tracking scanner. Luckily, our team know a significant amount of this difficulties, and – how to find a solution for all of them! So, you should do not worry – we can help you to resolve every problem.

How to find ups tracking number?

The company gives you the ups tracking shipment id while ordering a delivery. This case is for those people, who appear as the sender of the package. If you are the person, who is waiting to receive a parcel - the sender will tell you this number.

Can I do the ups tracking without number?

No - the ups tracking package number is only the one information, which can help you to get the actual whereabouts according to the parcel. This is caused by its uniqueness - this cade stores all the data about the particular box.

Is the Okay Google ups tracking works?

Yes, you can use google ups tracking on any available mobile device. To do this, you should call the command by your voice, and tell the helper that you need to get the ups tracking. Also, don't forget to get the stable Internet connection.

How can I check ups tracking results?

To do that, just follow these steps:

  • step 1

    You should go to ups tracking page.

  • step 2

    Enter the number of the package, which was given you by the sender (or by the carrier).

  • step 3

    Press the tracking button at the top of the page.

  • step 4

    Familiarize the results.

check ups tracking number

ups tracking courier

Is the option of ups tracking online working?

Yes, to use the ups tracking system you need the Internet connection. This necessity caused by the system's peculiarity - it always updates. The database should be continuously linked with data from each company's post office to keep the results up-to-date.

Is the ups tracking mobile oriented option?

Yes, you can use ups tracking site both on the mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC. The only one requirement is to have your device connected to the Internet. Thanks to this autonomy, you can know your parcel's location everywhere and at any time.

How to make ups tracking by name?

Unluckily, but ups tracking website recognizes only the unique tracking code of the parcel. Thanks to this code, while tracking you get the exact result, which concerns your box, and no one else's one. This can guarantee that package data will be according to your package.

What is ups tracking information contains?

The ups tracking status shows:

  • the exact locations of the package
  • the previous movements of this box
  • the dates when every movement step happened
  • the facility when the package was collected
  • the postal office when the box was sorted
  • the receiver's data (in case the box is delivered)
ups tracking item

ups tracking details

What is ups tracking and confirm?

This option shows you the receiver's signature via ups tracking. It means that when your parcel is delivered, you will see the name of the person, who received the box. And, also, a place, where it was collected - for example, the door, the office, etc.

How long is a ups tracking number?

Usually, ups tracking number lookup contains 18 digits in a row and looks like this: 1z123456XX12345678.
You should remember that when you send every new parcel, its number changes, without reference to its route or the receiver. So, don't forget to renew it in your bookmarks.

Where can I find the ups tracking number on receipt?

The ups tracking number sample is written at the postal receipt. Its exact location is shown in the photo below. Thanks to this number, you can follow every step and the facility, which your parcel was passed during the whole delivery process.

ups tracking id number

ups tracking numer

So, as you can see, the international ups tracking will be useful for every person, who cares about his deliveries. Thanks to it, you can stop worrying about the parcel – you can check its location any time you want.

UPS tracking
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