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Fedex Tracking

Greetings to you, internet wayfarer! If the fatigue has already hit you in your quest for the best way to track your parcels, is ready to offer you a place, where you can finally get what you’re looking for. Like a genie from a magic lamp, we are ready and eager to provide you highest-quality service if you give us a chance. So just draw a breath and let’s check FedEx tracking results for all your international and domestic parcels, master.

Let us illuminate the possibilities!

With a little help from our tracking site you can easily get information about all your parcels, sent to anywhere in the world. is mobile-friendly, fast and low on traffic. It can be easily accessed from any part of the world, to make FedEx tracking international available for everyone willing to use our service. It does not even require a magic lamp; you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer.

fedex tracking

fedex tracking

Besides, unlike other genies, we don’t limit the number of requests we can grant you, though it is still necessary to establish some rules. There will be a few provisos, a couple of quid pro quos.

  • Rule number 1. It is impossible for our site to conduct FedEx tracking by destination address. The tracking process requires parcel’s individual number in each and every case to get an access to the info in the database.
  • Rule number 2. Our website cannot influence your delivery or update tracking results if the company’s employees did not upload new information to the database. If you have any problems with your delivery, or if the site does not provide any information about FedEx tracking number you’ve entered, you should contact company’s customer support.
  • Rule number 3. We can’t bring tracking numbers back from the dead. For most types of shipments tracking information is only available for 90 days from the day of delivery. Afterwards using the number to get any information about your parcel is impossible. But do not worry, if FedEx tracking by number for your parcel is no longer an option, you can still get a proof of delivery, which is available for up to 18 months at company’s official website.

In order to track your shipment all you have to do is enter a valid parcel number into the required field, press the “track” button and enjoy a full history of your parcel’s movement up to date.

tracking fedex

tracking fedex

How to get Fedex tracking number?

In order to make things easier for you we’ve decided to jot down a petit addendum to explain how one can get FedEx tracking number.

First of all, if you are a recipient of a parcel, you should just contact the sender to obtain parcel number. When it comes to senders, if you are a regular customer and have your own account at company’s website, managing your parcels and parcel numbers can be done there. You can track them, change their destination address, give them nicknames, whatever you want. But let’s say, you don’t like signing in on various websites, or you don’t consider yourself a regular, so you don’t need an account. In this case you can find all the necessary info in your postal receipt. In your FedEx waybill tracking number can be found in the bottom right corner.

fedex tracking number

fedex tracking number

How is Fedex tracking number looks like?

The number usually consists of 12 or 14 digits. As the company operates in a number of countries and has various types of services, tracking numbers can vary drastically from each other and do not usually have geographical references. Unlike the ones, most other US carrier companies use, FedEx tracking number format is solely numeric and does not include any letters. In case the tracking number you enter is not found in the database and you can’t get any tracking results, please, check the number on your waybill carefully and try entering it again.

No matter time, country, type of the device you use, when entering website you’ll find yourself in a cave of wonders, where FedEx shipment tracking is fast, efficient and does not require any efforts from you. Well, isn’t that the real magic?!

FedEx tracking
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