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Fedex Freight Tracking

We’ve already talked a lot on this website about parcel tracking, so now you probably know almost everything about how to track your small packets and letters. But what should you do about large-volume shipments? What if you have to send an LTL shipment domestically or internationally? Will you be able to keep track of your delivery? You surely will, since FedEx freight tracking is available for use any day of the week. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this small article to freight delivery services this carrier provides to acquaint you with the main points you might want to keep in mind.

What is FedEx freight service?

fed ex freight

fedex freight tracking

It’s a shipping service, provided by the carrier for delivery of less-then-truckload freights across the US and abroad to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. With all due respect to the personal needs of each client, the company offers several types of FedEx freight deliveries that are suitable for various kinds of shipping. For example:

  • Priority – perfect for time-sensitive deliveries inside the country;
  • Economy – cost-efficient service for less urgent delivery;
  • Guaranteed – day and time definite delivery for LTL freight;
  • International – LTL delivery service operating in Mexico and Canada;
  • Offshore – LCL deliveries to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico.

FedEx Freight Tracking will be available for your delivery no matter which service you choose, but you should keep in mind, that the price may vary drastically depending on the destination and type of service you choose. You can order any of the mentioned services online at carrier’s official website.

What is FedEx Freight tracking number?

When you create a shipment and fill in all the required shipping forms, you’ll receive a unique tracking number for your delivery. You should always keep the number until your delivery is complete since it is the sole thing that can help you get any possible information about your freight from the database. Your FedEx Freight tracking number is to be used for checking on your delivery status, or when lodging any kind of enquiry about your delivery to carrier’s customer service. It’s crucial to remember, that tracking will only be available for freight deliveries performed in the US and Canada.

How is Fed Ex freight tracking done?

track fedex freight

fed ex freight tracking

You can observe your delivery progress facilely all along the way. It can be done online at courier company’s official website or at third-party sites. And if you’re looking for the fastest, most accurate, mobile-friendly Fed Ex freight tracking website, there’s no need to look any further, because you have already found the best option – Thanks to it you’ll be able to keep all your deliveries in check using any device with internet connection. It’s free, easy to use and ready to provide you high-level service 24/7.

How is Federal Express freight tracking done at

fedex freight economy tracking

federal express freight tracking

That can be done in three simple steps. After you’ve entered the website and chose your carrier from the list of options, you just:

  • step 1

    Enter your tracking number into the required field;

  • step 2

    Click on ‘track’ button;

  • step 3

    Wait about 30 seconds for your Federal Express freight tracking results to be uploaded.

The most recent status update for your delivery will be displayed at the main result page, if you need any further data, you’ll be able to open the full status history by clicking on the button below the results.

Can I track FedEx freight without tracking number?

Unfortunately, for this type of service there’s no way to use any other identifier except for the valid tracking number. Though carrier’s official website provides alternative ways to track FedEx freight delivery, such as enable notifications about your delivery status, or get email notifications, they all require registration at the website. If you want to use online tracking without registration, you should only use your freight number.

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