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FedEx Track

So much has been said about this carrier company, that we don’t know what else is there to add. This giant had earned the reputation and popularity it currently has due to competent business policy, deliberate management actions and high level of employees’ loyalty to corporate values. Thanks to 425k staff members, 5k operational facilities and 14 million shipments delivered per day worldwide, this company is currently so top-class, that it deserves to have a new word added to dictionary just for them. So today we offer you to fedextrack your parcel at


fedex courier tracking

Though our site is by no means affiliated with this courier company, we’re still ready to provide you the most accurate and recent information about your delivery status. Our website is fast, it is equally convenient to use on any possible device with internet connection, and you can always be sure that we provide only the authentic and up-to-date information.

So you need to track a FedEx package

Nothing’s easier than that. You don’t have to sign up or sign in to any accounts, there’s no need to download any unnecessary applications, and we don’t require any personal info from you. All you need is your parcel number and a couple of minutes to spare. Follow these easy steps to obtain the desired results:

  • step 1

    Get access to using your smartphone, tablet or computer;

  • step 2

    Check the number, required to track your FedEx package, on postal check or get it from the sender;

  • step 3

    Type the number in to the required field;

  • step 3

    Click on “track” button.

fed ex tracking number

tracking number fedex

After the system processes the information, which usually takes up to 30 seconds, you’ll receive a detailed report on the history and current events of your delivery. The procedure is simple and convenient. That is exactly why might be the best solution for you if you want to track down FedEx package and kill receive it with minimal effort from your side.

Every now and then you might come across some kind of problems with your delivery. So whether your international parcel is stuck at customs because of delays in clearance, or it is stuck at sorting location for an unknown reason, or you have a case of loss or misdelivery, you can always contact company’s customer support. All the contact numbers you can call on to reach them in differeny countries is listed at FedEx customer support

How to track a FedEx package without parcel number?

People, places, times may vary, but there’s always one thing in common: the customers always demand certainty; they want to know the exact location and progress of their parcel at each step of the way. And since online tracking became an option, keeping track of your delivery is now one click away. That’s where we come in handy, as offers you the fastest and easiest way to track FedEx shipments.

fedex tracking package

fedex tracking information

All you have to do is enter your shipment number in the required field. As we’ve already mentioned, the site does not require any of your personal info, no signing in to get tracking results. Using waybill number you can get all the info about your package that was uploaded in the database by company’s employees.

Is there an alternative ways to track the parcel?

From time to time we get the customers asking if they can track FedEx package by address or recipient’s name. Unfortunately, all that info is irrelevant to the tracking process. Your full name, destination address, or phone number are not kept in the publicly accessible database. Besides, the number of mail sent with this company every single day necessitates the introduction of a reliable parcel identification system. That is why your individual FedEx track number is the only safe and effective way to encrypt the information about parcel.

Despite the fact, that the carrier we’re talking about here proved its reliability and responsibility when it comes to taking care of your deliveries, we do understand, that sometimes it is still impossible to stay calm while you’re awaiting your package arrival. So if you are still hesitating, is here to prove you the equation Fed x track = 0 worries about the progress of your parcel.

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