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fedex tracker

Let’s start with some breaking news: a young but already successfully leading website that offers its visitors from all over the world to track their parcels, letters and truckloads sent with different delivery companies, has now improved tracking option for one of the most in-demand companies among the list of carriers. Our FedEx package tracker is now faster, simpler and more accurate than it has ever been in order to make your tracking experience with our site even more satisfying. Try now and explore the world of easy, mobile-friendly and free of any charge tracking, that doesn’t require registration or any of your personal info, and will keep you informed about all the stages of delivery process.

How do I use Fed Ex tracker?

fedex pars tracker

fedex package tracker

The procedure is clear and doesn’t require much effort or time. All you need is a device with internet connection and your parcel number. To use FedEx shipment tracker just follow these steps:

  • step 1

    Visit and choose your carrier from the list of options;

  • step 2

    Enter your parcel id into the required field;

  • step 3

    Click on the blue ‘track’ button and wait for a couple of seconds for your results to be prepared.

The most recent status upload will be displayed on screen. If further details are needed, you can see the full history of your parcel movement by clicking on the respective button below your results.

Can I use FedExtracker without tracking number?

At times we receive this kind of question from our visitors. Some of them forget their number, to some of them the sender did not provide parcel number, or they’ve lost it. The cause can be different, but unfortunately, you cannot use our delivery tracker for any of the carriers without a valid parcel id. Keeping in mind the number of parcels going through the system each day, assigning them with a simple and unambiguous id number is the only efficient way to keep track of it during the sorting procedures and forwarding. So if you want to receive accurate results without additional efforts, it is a must to know and remember the number of your parcel during the whole process of delivery.

Fed Ex package tracker doesn’t work?

Do not worry, though it might be caused by various reasons, most of the problems with it can be easily resolved. If the FedEx order tracker fails to provide you any results, it might be caused by:

  • Entering incorrect parcel number. Please, double-check the id you’re entering or consult with the sender to make sure the number is valid.
  • Malfunctions or maintenance works on website or server. Though extremely rarely, but it still happens, usually the site itself will advise you the best possible solution, which is to wait up to 3-4 hours and try checking your delivery status again. Most of system problems with FedEx mail tracker are resolved in a matter of 20-30 minutes.
  • The parcel you’re trying to track was delivered over 6 months ago or was not yet handed over to the carrier.

Fed Ex shipment tracker indicates problems with delivery?

fedex order tracker

fedx tracker

From time to time the results you get can show that the delivery is not progressing smoothly. The parcel might be stuck at sorting center, misdelivered, or the status is not updated for a significant time, which indicates delay in the transition. If you’ve been informed about any of such issues by package tracker FedEx is to be contacted ASAP. Customer support can be contacted online at company’s official website, or by calling the contact center. You can find the contact number for your region at FedEx Customer Support They’ll provide you with all the necessary information and assistance in order to help you receive your item safe quickly.

Why should I use Fed x tracker at

Of course you can find tons of options for tracking your parcel online nowadays. And obviously, most people think that the results are correct and valid only if you check on your delivery status at carrier’s official website. Though carrier’s site might be useful for various things when it comes to managing your deliveries, it might be more convenient to turn to third-party websites to use FedEx express tracker. Our website is much lower on traffic, easier to navigate, and only serves one purpose – tracking your deliveries, which makes it a perfect helper if you need to keep an eye on a parcel or two.

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