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Fedex Overnight Tracking

Tight deadlines? Urgent business? Instant delivery should be trusted to the most reliable shipping operators only. Users who need express shipping options have the opportunity to get their parcels delivered to the receiver’s doorstep on the next day. FedEx, one of the most well-established American mail services, provides an Overnight Delivery option on the entire territory of the USA.

Coverage Area & Delivery Dates

FedEx operates in all 50 states of the USA from Hawaii to Alaska. Using its proprietary transport, the company sends parcels by air and surface transit even to the most distant locations. Instant shipping is available for US residents in all regions – the service is expanded to over 4,400 ZIP codes. Both courier delivery and pickup service in the nearest postal office are available. The company has over 10,000 postal office locations around the States.

How fast the shipping is? As a rule, the parcel is delivered on the next business day by 8:00 — 9:30 A.M., or 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM in the distant areas. The speed of delivery mostly depends on the destination ZIP code. Before sending a parcel, users can figure out the average time of delivery. For this purpose, visit Rates & Transit Times page and do the following:

  • Select the location where the parcel is shipped from. Don’t forget to specify the ZIP code. It can be detected automatically – the exact sender’s address should be chosen.
  • Select the destination country and exact location. ZIP code can also be typed in manually or detected automatically. Put a tick in the box “This is a residential address” if the specified place is receiver’s home.
  • To calculate the shipping rates, specify additional information, such as the number of packages, the weight of the parcel(s). Additionally, a user can select the ship date.

As soon as the form is filled up, a user can click on one of three buttons below and get the information about transit time and/or the cost of shipping. With the help of this form, the shipping order can be registered – the parcel should be taken to the nearest postal office afterward.

fedex overnight tracking

fedex priority overnight tracking

Please, note that the delivery to Alaska can take a bit longer than to other regions. The parcels can be picked up in markets not earlier than by 9:00 AM.

Is the delivery available on a 24/7 basis?

Like other delivery providers, FedEx has traditional business hours and processes delivery orders during business days only. Customers are free to send the parcels on business days. There’s a Saturday pick-up and option available for extra charge.

Are there any parcel size & weight limits?

The carrier sends parcels up to 150 lbs. each, exact dimension restrictions can be found on the service page. If a customer sends parcels by One Rate® tariff, they can be enveloped or put in boxes – that applies only to parcels up to 50 lbs. or less.

Parcels heavier than 150 lbs. are sent by FedEx next-day freight services.

How to track the parcel?

There are two ways to track the parcel: visit the official carrier’s website or using third-party services, such as

In the first case, the process of tracking is longer:

  • A customer visits the FedEx website and opens the personal account.
  • He proceeds to My orders section to find the exact order and the tracking number.
  • Now, he can either use the main page to paste the tracking ID in the special field or find ‘Track my parcel’ option in the order window.
fedex priority overnight

fed ex overnight tracking

With, the process is easier. The user needs to open the main page, select FedEx delivery option and paste the tracking number in the field. No authorization is required.

Upon typing in the tracking number, the user will be able to check:

  • The current and following stages of the delivery process.
  • The exact parcel location in real time.
  • Delivery due date.

If the carrier fails to meet the shipping deadlines, the customer will be notified about the reasons of delay and approximate delivery date via email.

fedex standard overnight tracking

track fedex overnight package

Where can I get my tracking number?

As the rule, the carrier provides the tracking number as soon as the delivery order has been approved and registered. It is written on the official documents, if you’re given any, or can be specified in the personal account (proceed to My shipments section and find the order). Besides, the company also sends shipment information on customer’s email – letters are supposed to contain the tracking number, as well.

Extra Options For Special Needs

Customers with special needs can use such additional services as:

  • Saturday Pickup and Delivery (for an extra fee).
  • Shipping of dangerous goods.
  • Delivery signature services.
  • Delivery managing.
  • Return options.

FedEx overnight delivery is the most sensible choice for customers who require fast and reliable shipping. The company provides the whole gamut of tracking options, including third-party tracking websites.

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