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Fedex Smartpost Tracking

track fedex smartpost

fedex smartpost tracking

As known, Fedex Smartpost Tracking is an easy and efficient way of finding out parcel location. A customer can check their package whereabouts in a couple of clicks. It’s can be done in the following way:

  • Open the website and find Track section.
  • Paste the Fedex Smartpost tracking number and press ‘TRACK’.

What does tracking info show?

You will see the current shipping status of the parcel: where it’s located, the due date, possible delays and reasons for it, etc. Usually you can check only one parcel at a time.

The information about the delivery process is updated in real-time, and customers have 24/7 access to the service.

What’s Fedex Smartpost tracking number format?

smartpost tracking number

fedex smartpost tracking number

Those are twenty-digit codes with either 91 (old) or 92 (new) before the code.

There are advanced personalized Fed ex Smartpost tracking options, available for the customers on the website

  • Nicknaming of shipments (used instead of tracking number);
  • Personal watch list;
  • Shipments filter to see the details you need.

Customers can specify how they want to get tracking information, and what exactly they need to know about packages. All that makes Smartpost tracking experience intuitive and flawless.

How to track Fedex Smartpost via

fed ex smartpost tracking

smartpost tracking

Alternatively, any parcel can be tracked with the help of third-party services as only Fedex Smartpost tracking numbers are required for that. To get the results, you should follow these steps:

  • step 1

    Enter your parcel’s number in a special field.

  • step 2

    Press the button.

After that, you will get real-time information about the shipping process immediately.

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