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UPS Next Day Air Tracking

Need to have your parcel delivered over the USA and Puerto Rico within a couple of days? Thanks to UPS next day air tracking service, your shipment will reach the destination as soon as possible. It’s the fastest way to send your parcel over the continental US and Puerto Rico.

What is UPS 2nd day tracking?

This is the express shipping option provided by the UPS Company. Since this is USA-based postal service, it puts a heavy focus on delivery within the States and neighbor countries. The parcel sent by UPS next day tracking can be shipped to any corner of the USA and Puerto Rico by airplane, and the receiver can get it within 24-36 hours.

Advantages of UPS tracking next day air

This delivery option is irreplaceable for express shipping on the territory of the USA and Puerto Rico. The service has the following advantages:

  • It’s a cost-efficient variant for shipments that do not require overnight service.
  • It takes up to 40 hours to have your shipment delivered to the destination.
  • Parcels are delivered right to the receiver’s house in any corner of the USA and Puerto Rico.
  • Free packaging is already included.
  • Customers can define the parcel location using the UPS air tracking number.

To top it off, the company provides additional services, such as:

  • parcel insurance,
  • on-call pickup,
  • and extra-safe packaging of fragile and most valuable parcels.

How to use the service?

The process of shipping is quite simple:

  • Take the parcel with you and visit the nearest UPS postal office. It can also be sent to the office: company’s driver can accept your package if it has a label already.
  • Specify the delivery address and pay for the service.
  • Your shipment will be weighed, packed and given the tracking number.
  • As soon as the parcel is dispatched, you’ll be able to define its whereabouts using the individual UPS air tracking number.
  • Upon parcel delivery, you’ll receive an email notification.

Please, note that the receivers can either have the shipment delivered to their house or take it in the pick-up point. You can figure out estimated shipping time on the official carrier’s website. Proceed to the ‘UPS 2nd Day Air’ section and select the locations of parcel dispatching and delivery – you’ll see the earliest possible time of delivery. Exact delivery time can be calculated in the postal offices: it depends on the flight's schedule.

ups next day air tracking

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About tracking

With UPS air cargo tracking, customers are always aware of parcel location. Company offers two tracking options:

  • Online tracking. Users can define the parcel location by using the tracking number (the tracking form is present on the top of the page).
  • Email notifications. Relevant information about parcel location can be sent to customer’s email upon their request (it is updated every hour). You should turn on this option on at your personal account on the official UPS website.

UPS air waybill tracking history is saved in the personal account and is available since the moment of parcel dispatching.

About UPS

This is a USA-based post service that operates worldwide. The company delivers parcels of any size, using its own transport network, which includes both surface and air transit. It provides the whole gamut of services, including domestic (within the continental US) and international shipping, express delivery, parcel insurance, etc.

Quick shipping, convenient website, and real-time tracking make this company the leader of its niche. UPS is one of the largest postal companies in the world: it processes millions of shipments daily.

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