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UPS SurePost tracking

Thanks to UPS SurePost tracking, customers are able to keep tabs on their parcels in real time. This is one of the best services provided by the major American postal company: it couples the benefits of UPS Ground network with consistency and ultimate reliability.

What is UPS SurePost?


ups surepost tracking

To put it shortly, UPS helps customers to save money and time by letting USPS company handle their parcels. This economy service is available for local US residents only: with UPS SurePost, the final delivery is performed by USPS, which accelerates the process and makes it possible to have the parcel delivered right to receiver’s door or postbox.

In order to use this service, a customer should conclude a contract for it. Here are the main requirements for users:

  • Your shipments will be checked and processed like express parcels, so take care they comply with the company’s requirements. Non-mailable items will not be dispatched!
  • UPS SurePost delivery of four types is available (the choice depends on the cost of parcel and type of items shipped). SurePost Bound Printed Matter and SurePost Media are more suitable for sending printed production.

ups surepost

Each shipment should consist of one parcel. Overall parcel size shouldn’t exceed 130 inches, and if you select SurePost Media or SurePost Bound Printed Matter, it shouldn’t exceed 108 inches. Note that items are always measured in inches and pounds.

UPS SurePost tracking will be available in the UPS system, and when the parcel gets processed in the USPS sorting center, you can track it via their website, too. If you want your parcel to be handled by USPS, you should provide an instruction in case the shipment could not be dispatched.

Advantages of SurePost service

The list of benefits is a mile-long, and it starts from an economic standpoint: with the help of this service, users can cut their shipping costs by 20%. However, the advantages of SurePost don’t boil down to savings only. Aside from it, users enjoy:

  • Regular pickup options are available. You can order a regular drop off even if your parcels are mixed with other UPS shipments.
  • SurePost is easily integrated into different shipment management software, which is particularly useful for businesses handling a huge amount of deliveries.
  • The service optimizes last-mile shipping costs providing efficient options for corporate and individual clients.
  • Tracking UPS SurePost is always possible – last leg delivery via USPS and last mile tracking are also provided. You can use the tracking ID to get the information about shipping progress on any stage.
  • Saturday delivery is available for users. This is important because SurePost is slower than other regular UPS services.
  • Lightweight packages are shipped right on the address of residence.

How to track UPS SurePost?

The location and current shipping status can be found out the same way as you do with regular UPS shipments. You can track UPS SurePost by several methods. The easiest one is using the tracking number. Copy it and do the following:

  • step 1

    Open either UPS website or USPS website (if your shipment has already been passed to the carrier).

  • step 2

    Find the tracking section. As a rule, the field is located right on the main page. Paste the tracking number and press ‘Enter’.

  • step 3

    You will see the shipping status, delivery history, and arrival time.

The same can be done via third-party tracking websites like

Need more UPS SurePost tracking information? Then you have to authorize in the system. Open the UPS website and log in to your account. In your client area, proceed to the Orders or Shipments section: find the order and check out the shipping details. You will get access to all delivery related documents and other shipping management options.

ups surepost track

ups surepost tracking number

Alternatively, you can use UPS mobile application to view shipping details and manage your parcels: it allows you to manage your shipments on the go. UPS SurePost track mobile service also updates users on the delivery status, the app will send you push-notifications (it’s optional).

Don’t forget that UPS also sends emails containing the shipping status information. Letters contain detailed data, but you can cancel the subscription.

Where to get UPS SurePost tracking number?

It’s impossible to miss the tracking ID because it’s provided in several ways.

  • It’s always included in the email sent to the user upon parcel dispatch.
  • UPS SurePost tracking number is written in the printed contract that you conclude in your postal office. All shipment related documents and labels are supposed to contain the tracking number.
  • You can find the tracking ID in your personal account.
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track ups surepost

With UPS SurePost, delivery becomes faster and more convenient. You can have the shipment sent right to your mailbox without overpaying.

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