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UPS infonotice

UPS Infonotice is a document that is left in your mailbox if the delivery attempt was unsuccessful. Sometimes a client can’t be home at time the company’s employee comes to deliver or pick up parcels. In case the delivery process was interrupted, courier provides a special document with a reference number which you can use for further tracking. This number can be seen near the barcode, which is used to upload the info about delivery to UPS site. An Infonotice number can be used to track packages, mail and boxes, that haven’t been delivered according to the schedule.

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UPS Infonotice extra options

This service can also be used to change delivery time and address. By using this tool, a client is able to find the exact location of their parcel, if they want to collect it personally. Our company provides a link to official site where you can use UPS Infonotice tracker, and manage delivery options.

In case of unsuccessful delivery, company employees act according to the protocol and if a client is unavailable, the parcel is simply returned to the nearest office. Using Infonotice is a simple and effective way to get the package on time if you failed to receive it personally.

How does one use this tool?

When you receive a notification about missed delivery and find your UPS Infonotice number there, you can use it to find the date when parcel was delivered to destination point and how many times it failed to reach the client. We should also remind you, that there is a limited amount of attempts to deliver the package. If a courier fails to hand over the package, it is returned to the sender. Use a UPS Infonotice lookup to see the details.

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There are only three attempts, after that the parcel can be stored at the post office for further 5 days. When this term expires, the package or letter is returned back to the sender. For C. O. D. shipments return process is usually launched on the same day the third delivery attempt results in failure.

In case the infonotice UPS left for you states that your parcel is currently at local post office, you can get your package freely from there. You will have 5 days to get your parcel or letter personally or to contact the carrier to schedule another delivery attempt. A UPS Infonotice Track is a useful tool that can help you get your parcel on time.

ups infonotice tracking

ups infonotice track

Sometimes the package can’t be handed over without signature. In that case one should contact the service provider. If the signature in not required, you can sing an Infonotice and leave it in the mailbox. There would be another attempt deliver made.

UPS Infonotice number search is the last resort

It is recommended to plan ahead and receive your letters or parcels on time. You can use our K2Track services to track a shipment and to get the package after the first delivery attempt. Use our site to enter tracking number and search the location of the cargo. You can also leave a note for the courrier to reschedule the delivery date. Sometimes it is possible for a neighbor or a friend to receive a parcel if your signature in not required. But if you found an Infonotice in your mailbox after first delivery attempt you will be able to choose delivery options:

  • Hold the shipment – you can postpone delivery time;
  • Change delivery address – state another address where you will be able to pick up mail or the parcel personally;
  • Change delivery date – a courier will bring you package later;
  • Return a cargo – a courier will return mail or parcel to the sender.

So if there’s no possibility for you to plan deliveries ahead, you can always use UPS Infonotice search to make sure your parcel is okay or to manage delivery process.

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