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Puro Tracking

Puro is a Canadian delivery service that’s available all across North America. The company specializes in logistics, freight, and package solutions: it has a well-established transporting and supporting infrastructure. Having a myriad of regional offices, it ensures fast shipping and compliance with due dates. Convenient Puro tracking option combines with exceptional service make this company number one choice among Canadian customers.

Fast Facts

Here are a few facts making Puro stand out:

  • Company’s staff counts over 10,000 teammates.
  • Puro Freight delivers to the busiest Canadian urban centers mostly.
  • The carrier has a large transporting network that consists of 550+ hybrid-electric cars, 181 medium trucks, 460+ tractors, 2,880+ regular courier vehicles, and 1,320+ highway trailers.
  • There are 111 shipping centers and 172 operating facilities.
  • Company’s annual turnover exceeds $1.6 bln.
puro trackin

Puro tracking Canada

The history of Puro freight carrier

The company was established in 1960: it was a subsidiary of American Courier Corp. and served customers in Quebec and Ontario. In seven years, it acquired control over the aforementioned company together with Trans Canadian Couriers and was renamed as Puro Courier Ltd. in 1973.

In the 1980’s, Puro introduced an innovative retail concept for the Canadian shipping industry and opened its first retail center. The new Ontario Hub processed 240,000 packages daily. Completing of bills was automated, and by 1989, Puro tracking Сanada service became available via a direct modem link.

In the 1990’s, the company continued expanding the transporting network (aircrafts were added). Puro became the first Canadian company to provide pickup requests in the Net. Customers could track Puro parcels, check rates and transit times using the Purolink shipping software.

Starting from 2000, Purolink has added several large processing centers (Port Kells, Richmond, Ontario, Vancouver, etc). Puro E-Ship® Online (ESO) system was introduced. The company continues adding innovative services, new transportation means, and Puro freight tracking tools for business and private customers.

Services provided by Puro

The carrier has the whole gamut of shipping services available. Those include:

  • One-day shipping;
  • eCommerce solutions for corporate clients;
  • logistics;
  • courier services;
  • freight shipping.
puro track

Puro tracker

Aside from well-developed Purotracking service, the company also boasts an automated shipping system. Puro E-Ship Online is a web-based service that provides all basic features for fast delivery. E-Ship Server allows for processing shipments more efficiently and quickly than in traditional warehouse environment.

It should be noted that the carrier partners with commercial software companies to improve shipping services.

Aside from excellent delivery, customers also enjoy:

  • Real-time Puro tracker that shows the exact location of the parcel and due date.
  • Online instruments for estimation of delivery cost and time.
  • Pickup scheduling.
  • Convenient business account with a wider set of features and 65% lower shipping fees.
puro track

Puro freight

Puro Shipping Customer Support

If a user has questions about services, tracking Puro parcels, pick up schedules, and any other delivery aspects, the assistants from Puro team will always answer them shortly. The customer service is available via email and phone. Customers can also send their requests and complaints in the form of tickets. There’s a large knowledge base with an FAQ section.

Puro track service

Customers can find the location of parcels using Puro trackin service. It can be done without accessing the personal account. Here’s what should be done:

  • Open the main page of the official Puro website and find ‘Track’ section on the left side.
  • Paste the Puro tracking number in the window and click ‘Track’. Instead of shipment ID, other order-related codes can be used.
  • You will see the current shipping status and approximate delivery time.

During the process of shipment, customers can select the pickup office (over 1,300 Canadian locations are available) – this feature is provided for some types of shipping.

puro tracking

Puro shipping

Alternatively, all orders and parcels can be tracked in the personal account. Using it, a customer can customize the pickup schedule and choose the office to send packages to.

Puro traking is available on third-party services, too. For example, allows finding the parcel using the tracking number only.

Bottom Line

One of the most innovative and well-established postal services in Canada, Puro is a reliable company that lives up to clients’ expectations. It is equally convenient for individual and corporate users. The carrier’s strong sides are fully-automated shipping management system and a large transporting network.

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