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Puropost Tracking

Purolator Puropost is a shipping service that’s provided by Purolator company together with national post of Canada. Using this service, a customer can have the package taken from a warehouse and tendered to Canada Post for the final delivery.

Who Should Use Puropost Service?

What is Puropost? It’s a reliable and efficient service for American corporate clients involved in retail and online purchases. The service facilitates cross-border delivery between Canada and USA. This service applies to:

  • delivery of small packages;
  • expedited delivery;
  • freight;
  • supply chain shipments.

The users who make online purchases on a constant basis want to enjoy simple and fast service without delays and failures. PuroPost was designed to provide efficient cross-border services for the U.S. businesses that ship to Canada. The delivery takes 2-8 days – it’s guaranteed.

Thanks to regular pickups in the U.S. and delivery through Canada, customers can be sure that their orders will be processed in a timely manner.



What makes Puropost delivery time so short?

Here are a few facts making Puropost a superb solution for corporate clients:

  • The PuroPost company has all Canada covered: end-delivery is available for over 16 million addresses, including community mailboxes, post office boxes, and 6,200 retail facilities.
  • The company has a well-established procedure of clearance. It ensures full compliance with standards and requirements for the parcels to cross the US-Canadian border quickly and successfully.
  • Thanks to Delivered Duty Paid service, all Canadian taxes and duties are paid at the moment of purchase, that’s why customers don’t have to deal with unexpected extra payments down the road. Besides, the fact that the order and delivery are pre-paid makes the procedure of delivery shorter.
purolator puropost

Purolator Puropost

Benefits of Shipping With PuroPost

When it comes to international shipping to Canada, PuroPost has a myriad of benefits.

First, since PuroPost is a non-asset-based expedited forwarder, customers are free to customize the shipment options and have their parcels delivered as quickly as possible. As soon as the shipment enters the delivery network, it’s managed wisely to reach the destination

Secondly, the company boasts PuroTouch service for business customers. It means that a customer has a dedicated Client Relationship Representative who will take care of corporate shipments and recommend the most sensible delivery options for the company.

What are the other benefits of Purolator international shipping

  • Convenient and efficient Puropost Canada tracking service.
  • Returns program that ensures flawless delivery coordination and processing.
  • Expedited forwarding: elite delivery service allows for having parcel delivered within 2-5 days during delivery windows for freight shipments.
  • CanadaOne – proactive shipment management for fast delivery.
puropost canada tracking

Puropost Сanada tracking

Puropost Tracking: All You Wanted to Know

The Canadian carrier strives to make shipments transparent and give customers a detailed insight into the details of delivery. Purolator Puropost tracking service ensures end-to-end visibility and tracking from the moment of parcel pickup and right to the moment of handling.

How to track a parcel?

  • Go to PuroPost International website and find the “Track Shipment” button at the right upper corner.
  • Enter the Puropost tracking number (it usually consists of up to 25 numbers) in the corresponding window. Alternatively, you can write what you search for in the window below.
  • Click “Search”. If the order is found, you will see the shipment details: when it was picked up, what’s the current status of delivery, the due date, etc.

Puropost parcels can be tracked with the help of third-party services, such Only the tracking number is required for that.

puropost tracking number

Puropost tracking number

About Customer Support

PuroPost cares about its customers and provides dedicated support for all clients. All business customers are offered a Dedicated Client Relationship Representative who can manage shipments and customize the personal service.

Customers are free to contact the client support via phone or tickets. There’s also an extensive knowledge base with a FAQ section and tutorials. If you have questions concerning Puro Post tracking, you can also visit the nearest PuroPost office.

Bottom Line

Puropost is one of the most useful services of Purolator Company. All customers shipping from the US to Canada will definitely benefit from this option. It allows having shipments delivered within a week or less with the help of aircrafts or trucks. The company always complies with due dates.

Aside from it, clients enjoy a handy Puropost track tool: it helps to get a detailed insight into the shipping process within a couple of clicks. Add to it agreeable fees and superb customer support, and you will get the best international shipping option in North America.

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