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YRC Freight

One of the most well-established American postal services, YRC freight is the affiliate of the Yellow Transportation Corporation company. It’s been on the market for almost one hundred years and has spread its network all over America. It provides a myriad of shipping and tracking services, including advanced tracking instruments and parcel management options.

YRC freight careers – key to success

What makes YRC one of Top-100 American carriers? It’s commitment and works of the staff. YRC freight careers offer great conditions and opportunities for people. During 90 years of its existence, YRC established a partnership with many large shipping companies, which helped it to improve the corporate culture. Today, YRC staff includes over 20,000 employees. They enjoy the opportunities for professional growth, friendly and convenient working environment, as well as fair policies.

When employees are happy, customers are happy, too.

YRC freight terminals

On the territory of the USA, there are 260+ YRC freight terminals. They are located all over the states. in every office, you can send or receive your parcel, request return or compensation, and deal with many other issues.

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yrc freight

To find the nearest YRC office, you can use the online tool and search by ZIP code. Note that YRC service is also available in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico (the entire YRC network includes 384 offices). The company operates via its own terminals, as well as partners’ offices.

Yellow Freight system: services provided

Yellow Freight system offers the whole gamut of services for individual and corporate users, though it puts the main focus on shipping for businesses helping them to handle commercial, retail and industrial production. Customers can order:

  • Regular 2-day and 3-day delivery over the territory of the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
  • Overnight and express shipping options are also available within Time-Critical service. Parcels can be delivered shortly by air and by ground.
  • Customs clearance for large shipments. Yellow Freight company is able to organize the procedure smartly and quickly to save customers’ time.
  • Specific tasks, such as delivery of truckload shipments and tradeshow objects, or temperature-sensitive items. Product returns can be issued, as well.
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Yellow Freight tracking options

Users can enjoy a wide range of tracking instruments and check out delivery details on the go. The easiest way to check the status and location of the parcel is using the tracking ID number.

  • Visit the official Yellow Freight website and go to Track section.
  • Enter the tracking number in the field and specify the type of number (BOL, PRO, booking, and so on). The format of tracking ID depends on the type of delivery service chosen.
  • Press ‘Find Shipment’, and you will see delivery details: the current location of parcel, due date, destination, and pick up office, possible delays and reasons for that.

Alternatively, users can check out shipping status using other websites and services, for example, k2track.com.

YRC freight shipping details can also be checked in the user’s personal account. To view more details of the delivery process, log in and proceed to the Orders section. Authorized website visitors can also manage deliveries and all related documents (proof of delivery, invoices, etc).

If you want to stay in the know about the delivery process, you can sign up for notifications. They are sent via email and include the updates of the shipping status. With YRC mobile app, you can get mobile push-notifications, as well.

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Customer support in YRC

Yellow Freight Lines boasts a user-friendly customer support system. If you have any questions about the shipping process and delivery management, you can always get the necessary information quickly.

YRC website has an ample knowledge base with a large FAQ section where users can find their questions answered. There’s the whole gamut of online tools, such as:

  • Delivery time calculator.
  • Personalized lists of shipping destinations and clients.
  • The calculator of parcel weight and dimensions. The converter is included.
  • YRC freight pickup office search tool (by the city, ZIP, state).
  • Settings for delivery notifications.

Aside from it, users can get additional information by contacting the assistants via live chat or email – it’s available 24/7. In YRC offices, customers can get qualified help at every stage of the delivery process.

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Bottom line

YRC freight truly deserves the right being called one of the most advanced American carriers. It not only features a well-developed transporting system but also provides all essential services. It makes delivery tracking easy as never before thanks to its mobile solutions and automated notifications.

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