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In 1929, the Harrell brothers launched what was to become the YRC Corporation, owing their cab and horse businesses they’ve started a partnership that resulted in development of a successful cross-country bus line. The discovery of oil in Oklahoma City area vaulted them to establishing the Yellow transit Freight Lines, that later grew to become a comprehensive network that offers shipping and logistics for industrial and commercial goods. Now k2track.com is glad to introduce you our brand new YRC tracker, and is eager to answer the most common questions that might come to your head while trying to track your freight.

Where does one track YRC delivery?

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The Internet offers you unlimited options to choose from. The most common way would be using carrier’s official website for managing your deliveries. But convenient as it may seem, the carrier’s site can also be too heavy on your internet traffic and hard to access from your mobile devices. That is why we recommend k2track.com services for your YRC shipment tracking. Our website is equally easy to handle using your desktop computer or mobile devices. The interface is simple and safe, the results are always reliable and timely. We only cooperate with trusted sources of information and make sure that all the status updates are displayed to you as soon as they are uploaded into the database.

How does one obtain YRC tracking info with k2track?

That can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Go to k2track.com and choose your carrier among the variety of companies the site offers to track;
  • Enter your YRC tracking number into the required field;
  • Click on ‘track’ button or press ‘enter’.

You’ll get the display of the most recent status update in a couple of seconds. If you’re looking for detailed report, click on ‘show detailed information’ and enjoy the history of your shipment’s movement from the starting point.

Where can YRC tracking numbers be found?

Your shipment number can be found on all shipping documents and labels. It is a unique identifier, consisting of ten digits, that is assigned by the company to each and every shipment and can be used to easily get your YRC tracking information. Your shipment number is the best and only way to get the correct tracking results on our website, though if the sender did not provide you the correct number, you can try to use other options on carrier’s webpage.

I’ve got problems with my YRC delivery tracking, what do I do?

The answer usually depends on the type of problem you’re experiencing. If you cannot get the results at all, the first thing to do is check the shipment number you’re entering to make sure it is the correct one. If your YRC package tracking status is not updated for a long time, or shows any difficulties with the delivery (misaddressing, delay in transition), you can contact company’s customer support on 800-610-6500 for US residents or 877-330-3321 if you’re calling from Canada.


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Does your site only offer YRC domestic tracking?

As the company provides delivery not only inside the US, but also to Canada and Mexico, our website also offers YRC international tracking. It works the same as domestic one. All you have to do is enter the valid shipment number. The only thing we’re supposed to note here is that for all types of delivery tracking results are displayed in English only.

That is pretty much it with the most common questions. If you’ve got more, or you couldn’t find your answer here, do not hesitate to contact company’s customer support. But if you’re ready to proceed with your YRC online tracking, then go back to the top of this page and start with entering your shipment number.

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