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Yodel Contact Number

yodel head office contact number

YODEL tracking contact number

This British established parcel carrier that works with both individuals and corporate clients providing a high-end quality of services. The story of the company begins in the year 2005 when it acted as a home delivery network. Later, in 2010, the company became joined hands with various B2B and B2C entities and well renowned delivery providers in the UK. It was through this that the company received its name and Yodel direct contact with customers began. This brand first set foot in the world during the Tour of Britain which is a famous cycling event in the UK.

Want to contact Yodel head office to learn more about their services?

No need for that. Here’s some basic info about the types of delivery you might find useful:

how do i contact yodel

YODEL tracking contact

  • Express: This is the standard shipping service which is possible with the help of vans. For small or medium packages, express delivery takes about 1-2 days.
  • Experience: specifically targeted towards retail brand customers. They are the ones who require seamless experience and outstanding delivery dates. Here, the customers can specify their requirements in detail, or if there’s any need for that call Yodel contact number to speak to a person in charge of the delivery.
  • Expert: The service recommended for the customers that have special needs. This service includes special care and is normally meant for the high-value items.
  • Offshore Delivery: It takes only about 2-3 days to ship to Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

How do I contact Yodel?

how do i contact yodel

contact Yodel head office

Tracking: The first method involves entering in the tracking number which is received while filing in the request. Once this number is entered, the status of that order will be immediately displayed.

Yodel contact center: The second way to get in touch about a specific concern is by looking into the Help Topic Area at carrier’s website. Here, the customer can determine the most appropriate query amongst many after which there are a few steps which may help solve any possible issue. In the event that the issue still persists, the same page allows the customers to go to the live chat page.

Web Chat: the quickest way to contact Yodel customer services is essentially The Web Chat. All that has to be done is type in the concern and the attendant will help accordingly. This chat is best to be accessed via your computer.

Customer Services: If the customer does not want to use online-tools and prefers speaking over the phone, 0844-755-0117 is the most well-known Yodel direct contact number. This is not a toll-free number and the charges for calling it are 1p per minute plus any service provider charge. It is a good idea to keep the tracking number handy, and the timings for the same service are from 8am-10pm on Mondays through Saturdays, and 9am-5pm on Sundays.

What are the good points beside Yodel UK contact and support center?

  • The company provides in-flight technology which is the feature that allows setting the shipping preferences exactly at the point of delivery. This makes it accurate and convenient.
  • Customers can track and manage their orders using mobile application, or the website. They can always call Yodel contact number UK to settle all the problems if they appear.
  • The carrier takes its feedback very important and works on improving itself as much as possible.
  • They have a large number of pick up offices as well as three sorting centers located in Hatfield, Shaw, and Wednesbury.

In conclusion, this technology-oriented courier service guarantees their customers quick delivery and the Yodel contact no is the only efficient way of getting in touch with the company. All these factors together make this company the ideal courier choice.

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