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Is the Post Office open on Memorial Day 2019


Mar 05 2019

No sooner will you take a look at this article than you will get the fine-tooth USPS working hours on Memorial Day 2019. Also, you can observe the Post Office opening hours on that day.

NO, USPS does not work on this day.

Memorial Day

Even though this particular holiday happens to occur each and every year since 1971, we still do receive a lot of questions like “but is the Post Office open on Memorial Day?”. To that we say, sorry, but the answer again is no. As Memorial Day is a national day-off, no governmental organizations are obliged to work on this day, and postal companies are no exception. In case you were planning to visit your local PO to buy some stamps or pick up a parcel or two during Post Office hours Memorial Day is definitely not the best time to do that if you don’t want to spend your time in vain.

Is my Post Office closed on Memorial Day?

Now what a wild guess, but it just happens to be true. If you try to send or pick up mail, or contact your local postal office on this particular day you might find out not only you’re the nearest one, but in fact every single Post Office closed on Memorial Day. Do not worry, though, they’ll be operating on the next business day as usual, so try planning your visit accordingly.

Does USPS deliver on Memorial Day?

And now, as we have settled the question with your local postal service provider offices availability on this holiday, there’s only one question left and that is: does USPS deliver on Memorial Day? Unfortunately, along with other services, delivery is not available as well. It shall be provided on the nearest working day, or can be rescheduled by the recipient for an appropriate date.

What were the office hours for USPS Memorial Day in 2018?

If you are not ready to take our answers on faith and want some legit proof, let’s recall postal schedule of 2018. For USPS Memorial Day last year was an off-work day, no regular deliveries were provided, although Priority Express Mail was still delivered to recipients.

For now we hope, that we were able to provide you an irrefragable answer to the question, that’s been haunting the customers “Is the post office open on Memorial Day?”

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 19.03.2019