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Is the Post Office closed for Columbus Day 2019?


Mar 28 2019

Are Post Offices open on Columbus Day? We know the exact answer and ready to share it right to you!

No, USPS doesn’t work on Columbus Day.

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Columbus Day is a well-known and widely celebrated federal holiday that commemorates the day Christopher Columbus landed on the shores of America. And there is always only one question left: is the post office closed for Columbus Day? Now this question is pretty legit one, as we all know that for most federal holidays postal companies, along with many other companies, do not provide any services and give their employees days-off. This one is no exception. In order to pay their respect to Christopher Columbus Post Office (your local, or any other one for that matter) will not provide services as usual.

So, is the Post Office open on Columbus Day?

It certainly is not, because according to USPS holiday schedule, this holiday does affect opening hours and scheduled deliveries for any type of service you might use, except for Priority Express. That is in case you were planning a visit to local PO on this day. But not only is the Post Office open on Columbus Day not, USPS also doesn’t provide deliveries on this holiday. So try to manage your deliveries accordingly if your parcel is time-sensitive.

What was the schedule for Post Office Columbus Day 2018?

It probably will not come as a surprise, but that year the company’s offices were closed on this day just like on any other federal holiday. So if any of you were planning to visit local Post Office Columbus Day was not as suitable for this action as any other Monday. All the deliveries scheduled for that particular day were performed on the next business day, though obviously, not all of them were successful, but that is quite usual. This year there are no reasons to expect anything different, as according to official schedule surely is the post office closed for Columbus Day 2019.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019