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Is UPS open on New Years Eve 2019?


Apr 08 2019

No sooner will you observe the UPS schedule on New Years Eve than you will be able to order the deliveries in the end of December.

YES, UPS services are available on New Years Eve.

ups new years eve schedule 2019

does ups work on new years eve 2019

Celebrated all over the world, New Year stays one of the most favorite holidays for people. Many businesses observe it and change their schedules. Is UPS open on New Years Eve? Find out which services are provided on which days, and which business hours it sticks to.

New Year is the time when a new calendar year starts and beings the new year count. Many cultures around the world have their celebration traditions, and the 1st of January is a national holiday for many organizations. In the US and Western countries, the Gregorian calendar is used: according to it, the New Year starts on January 1st. In some Asian countries, New Year takes place on another day.

Does UPS deliver on New Years Eve?

Does UPS deliver on New Years Eve? We should understand that on New Years Eve, the number of sent packages is tremendous, so postal services have to do their best and manage to deal with the flow of order. Yet, like any other business, postal companies observe the New Year – all in all, it’s a national holiday. In 2018, UPS worked by its usual schedule on December 31st, and had a day off on January 1st and executed only UPS express critical.

You can use services in UPS on New Years Eve on December 31st. Feel free to receive parcels and send packages – the postal offices will stay open all day long. Business hours won’t be changed, so don’t worry about being late. Both express and standard deliveries are executed on Dec 31st. Sorting centers continue working, too, to process all numerous packages.

Does UPS work on New Years Eve 2018?

So, does UPS work on New Years Eve? As we’ve mentioned, its offices and sorting centers are opened on December 31st, so customers can receive parcels, order services, and get assistance from the staff. Sorting centers continue processing orders, and customers can order courier shipping. On January 1st, UPS does NOT work and doesn’t provide any services except for UPS express critical (it’s suitable for mission-critical and time-sensitive parcels).

So, is UPS open on New Years Eve? If you want to receive or send a shipment, you should manage to do it on December 31, because the next day, UPS closes its doors and takes a day off. Expect delays in shipping – it’s connected with days off and a huge amount of parcels processed. Remember that you can always track parcels and manage shipments and documents on the official UPS website and mobile application.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 09.04.2019