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Does UPS deliver on July 4th 2019


Mar 12 2019

No sooner will you observe this article than you will be able to plan your deliveries with UPS on Fourth of July in 2019.

No, UPS does not deliver on July 4th.

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Independence Day is one of the major American holidays – the vast majority of businesses observe this day. Does UPS deliver on July 4th? Let’s find out what the schedule of the company is, and which services are provided during this day.

Independence Day always takes place on the Fourth of July. This is the official holiday in the United States that’s dedicated to the commemoration of the Declaration of Independence of the United States established on July 4, 1776. On that day, the Congress stated 13 American colonies were no longer the subordinates of the British Empire. Since then, they are free and independent states.

Is UPS open on July 4th 2018?

Is UPS open on July 4th? Like all other businesses, UPS observes these holidays, and its offices are closed. It does NOT ship parcels, and customers cannot receive their packages in offices or at home. There’s no customer support provided via phone and email – clients have to wait for the next day.

However, there’s one service you can still use. Was UPS open on 4th of July 2018? No, but clients could use UPS Express Critical post service, which means they could have their packages delivered quickly for an extra cost. Thus, if you have to send or receive some very important items, UPS provides such an opportunity for you.

UPS July 4th schedule

As we’ve mentioned, UPS does not work on the 4th of July. In both sorting centers and postal offices, UPS July 4th schedule is the same – they stay closed all day long. So if you need to receive a parcel in an office or get some assistance, you have to wait for the next business day. Such a schedule is legislated over all American states.

Yet, you can get all necessary information about the shipping process on the official UPS website and mobile application. They are available 24/7 regardless of UPS 4th of July schedule. Using the tracking number, clients can track their parcel on the UPS website or with third-party services. In their personal accounts, they can manage the shipping process and related documents and invoices. The mobile app leverages exactly the same functionality that’s available all year round.

So, does UPS deliver on July 4th? It does NOT deal with standard and express shipping on the territory of the US. However, if you deal with urgent deliveries, you are free to order UPS Express Critical shipping for some extra cost. That’s the only way to have your parcel handled on the 4th of July.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 02.04.2019