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South African Post Office Tracking

south african post office international tracking

south african post office tracking

If you are awaiting package from SA national postal operator, the one thing you would most probably want is South African Post Office tracking just to keep an eye on your parcel to make sure the delivery is progressing without any kind of problems and your parcel will arrive without delays. And it can certainly be done if your parcel was sent as registered mail no matter if it is domestic or international delivery. All you will need is to know your parcel’s tracking number to perform South African Post Office international tracking. Actually, domestic tracking would also require a tracking number so it is not that different. Here we will cover questions regarding tracking for any kind of registered mail.

How is South African Post tracking done?

south african post office parcel tracking

south african post tracking

Whether your parcel was sent from SA or its destination is in the SA, if it was sent with national postal carrier, it will receive status updates in SAPO database. South African Post tracking can be done either at carrier’s official website, or at third-party sites like In order to track your parcel at our website you’ll have to proceed through three simple steps:

  • step 1

    Visit webpage, using any kind of device with stable internet connection. As the website is mobile-friendly you don’t have to do it from your computer;

  • step 2

    Enter your South African postal tracking id, or as it is also called tracking number, into the required field;

  • step 3

    Click on the button with a magnifier to start tracking.

Tracking results for your parcel will be displayed shortly after tracking starts, you’ll see the most recent status update for your delivery. In order to get more details, you can open detailed history of your parcel’s movement.

What is South African Post Office tracking number like?

If you are going to track your international or local parcel, your South African Post Office tracking number should look like AA123456789ZA. If you are awaiting package from overseas you might try tracking it using international number, which would have the similar format AA123456789AA, but instead of ZA it will have the code for originating country at the end (CN for China or US for USA, etc.) When your parcel departs SA and arrives at destination country you can use your South Africa tracking number to check on it using tracking tools of destination country carrier.

South African Post Office tracking international parcel

south african postal service tracking

south african postal tracking

Sometimes when tracking your international parcel you might find out that SAPO changed your international number to local one after its arrival to destination country. In such case you should contact company’s customer support to find out your local number to use for South African Post Office tracking international parcel. It can be done by writing them at [email protected] or calling on 0860 111 502. After you receive your local number you can use it as usual and get status updated for your parcel until it is successfully delivered.

Problems with South Africa Post Office tracking?

south african post office tracking number

south africa post office tracking

So you’ve used a correct number and managed to get all the info you needed about the delivery process. Still, from time to time, with your parcel coming with South Africa Post Office tracking it might show you some pretty unsettling results. There are several main problems you might face when tracking:

  • You cannot get any results at all. In such case check the tracking number you’re using to make sure there are no spelling mistakes in it. Alternatively, if there is a problem with server, wait a couple of hours before trying one more time;
  • Results were not updated for a long time or show that your parcel is stuck in transition or at customs. If you get such results from South African Post Office parcel tracking call customer support to lodge an inquiry for the parcel to initiate investigation on the matter.
  • The results show the parcel was delivered, but you are still waiting for it? Visit your local PO, as most probably the parcel is still stored there available for pickup.

If you have any questions to crew about South African Post Office Tracking at our website, do not hesitate to use our contact form. In all other cases, contact the carrier to make sure your parcel arrives safe and sound.

South African Post Office tracking
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