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SAPO tracking

sapo parcel tracking

sapo tracking

Send parcels via South Africa Post Office service? Want to know where the local or international parcel is? Then you should use the service of SAPO tracking. There are several options for tracking, and you will surely find a way to define parcel location in the most convenient manner. Let’s observe these ways.

How to use SAPO parcel tracking online?

parcel tracking sapo

sapo tracking parcel

If you want to find out where the parcel is, you don’t have to visit SAPO offices or even call them. It can be easily done online. SAPO parcel tracking online is available for both local and international shipping services. Here’s what you should do to locate your delivery:

  • step 1

    Open the official SAPO website

  • step 2

    Proceed to ‘Tools’ → ‘Track My Parcel’.

  • step 3

    Choose whether you need to find a local or international parcel.

  • step 4

    To find a local parcel, follow the instructions written on the page and use the tracking number.

  • step 5

    For tracking SAPO international parcels, insert the tracking number into the field and press ‘Enter’.

  • step 6

    You will see the progress of shipping, current parcel location and delivery time.

Finding local parcels might be a bit easier. Even if you cannot find the package using the tracking ID, you can contact the customer support either using email address or calling 0860 111 502 phone number.

About SAPO international tracking

sapo tracking international

sapo co za tracking a parcel

SAPO international tracking is also a simple procedure. As has been mentioned, it’s enough to use a tracking number. Please, make sure you use the right number format and don’t leave spaces between symbols. Moreover, you can use the tracking ID not only on SAPO official website but also with third-party tracking services, such as One of the most reliable services for parcel location is SAPO co za tracking a parcel: it works with all types of tracking numbers.

If you cannot locate a package this way, there are alternative solutions. SAPO tracking international service is provided in the offices and via customer support. For example, you can email to and ask to find your parcel or provide the South African tracking number. Please, note that if you perform SAPO tracking international for legal purposes, you should do that via Customer Service Centre.

Keep in mind that international shipping can take up to 14 weeks to be delivered to the country of destination. It’s connected with the fact that parcels are inspected by the Department Of Health and SARS before entering the post office. If you need an invoice or proof of purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the Customs on + 27 11 961 6000

How to use the SAPO tracking parcel app

SAPO tracking parcel app will help you find the parcel without entering the website and your personal account. You can download it by doing the following:

  • step 1

    Open the official SAPO website

  • step 2

    Proceed to ‘Tools’ → ‘Tracking App’.

  • step 3

    Choose the type of application – for Android or iOS.

  • step 4

    Download the app and install it.

  • Alternatively, you can install the SAPO app via AppStore or GooglePlay store

    Once you open the app and enter your personal account, you will be able to use SAPO tracking service, manage your deliveries and all related documents (invoiced, proof of delivery, etc). Internet connection is required!

    If you want to stay informed about the shipping progress, you can set up delivery push-up notifications: the app will tell you where the package is!

Parcel tracking SAPO via personal account

As we’ve mentioned, you can locate the parcel using the online parcel tracking SAPO tool and the tracking ID. It’s enough to see the current shipping progress and due date. However, if you need more detailed service, you should use your personal account. If you don’t have it, create one. Once you enter it, you will be able to see the list of deliveries and related details.

In the personal account, you can also set up the notifications. For instance, you can receive updated information about the shipping progress via email.

What do tracking comments mean?

Some customers get frustrated by reading the tracking comments in the tracking information page. What do they mean? To make it easier for you to understand SAPO tracking messages, SAPO has created the page with tracking comments and their meaning.

For example, the message ‘INSERT ITEM INTO BAG IN’ means that the item has been accepted in the original post office. ‘SENT TO DEL OFFICE IN’ means that the item has been sent to the destination postal office.

South Africa Post Office company makes parcel tracking as easy as never before. There are all ways of tracking available, including both online and offline methods. While the use of tracking number is the simplest way of delivery location, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support if you fail to define the shipping status – you will get timely help.

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