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Is your parcel currently traveling through SAPO facilities? Are you worried about the progress of your delivery? If ‘yes’ was your answer to both questions, SA Post Office tracking is what we would like to offer you to ease your worried mind. You can check on your parcel online at any time to see its most recent status and location. You’ll be able to stay aware of any problems that may arise during the delivery process, in order to take immediate actions to solve them. You can also find out when your parcel arrives at the delivery office using SA Post tracking without having to wait for a notification card or call from your local PO. It might save you some time and trouble when dealing with the postal system.

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So if you’re interested in keeping an eye on your item while it is in transit to the destination, you can choose one of two possible ways to do that. You can either use carrier’s official website or check out SA Post Office parcel tracking at third-party tracking sites, such as We offer fast, mobile-friendly tracking tool that does not require registration and can be done in three easy steps:

  • step 1

    You visit our website and choose SAPO from the list of carrier companies;

  • step 2

    Enter your tracking number into the required field and press ‘enter’;

  • step 3

    Wait for about half a minute for SA Post Office tracking service to prepare tracking results for you.

The results you will receive indicate date, location and the most recent event for your delivery. For more detailed report click on the button right to the results to see full history of your parcel’s progress.

What is SA Post Office tracking number?

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The only thing you certainly need in order to get any info about your parcel no matter what website you use is SA Post Office tracking number. You can get one on a shipping receipt when posting a parcel, and it is important to get your parcel number from the sender and keep it until your package is delivered to you successfully. Your tracking number would usually look like AA123456789ZA for parcels transitioning through South Africa, or AA123456789BB for international parcels, where BB differs depending on the country of origin. Your tracking number is used for SA Post Office tracking parcel, if you want to file a claim or complaint, if you want to pick your parcel up at local PO, it is the only thing that can be used to identify your parcel in the electronic database, so tracking your parcel without a valid number is impossible.

Is SA Post Office domestic tracking different from international?

The two are actually pretty similar: they share the same procedure you should follow to get info about the parcel. SA Post Office domestic tracking follows your parcel from the time it was posted until delivery or pickup, while international tracking only starts after the parcel is registered at customs in South Africa as incoming international mail. The other main difference is that for your domestic deliveries tracking number will stay the same during the whole process, but when it comes to SA Post Office international tracking your foreign tracking number might be changed by the carrier to the local one. Your tracking results will indicate that you should use another number for further tracking, and you would have to contact customer support to find out your local number.

What is SA Post Office tracking contact number?

In case you have any sort of problem with delivery or SA Post Office tracking contact number you should call to sort it out is 0860 111 502. Authorized customer support personnel will provide you guidance to solve any issue with your package as soon as it is possible. Alternatively, you can contact customer support via email, their address is All email inquiries are usually answered within 1-5 business days.

In case you have any questions about SA Post Office tracking process, do not hesitate to contact team using our contact form. We can provide you a piece of advice on how to interpret your tracking results or what can be done in case they indicate a problem with the parcel.

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