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post office tracking

If you’ve got a registered parcel or letter travelling with SA Post Office tracking might be a useful tool for you not to worry about the progress of the delivery. No matter if you are awaiting a domestic or international parcel, or even sent one and want to make sure it arrives to recipient safely, use the tracking tool to check on the most recent status update for your parcel in the database online. In order to perform Post Office tracking SA national postal carrier has a special tool at their official website. Alternatively you can use third-party websites to make your tracking fast, mobile-friendly and easy to do.

Post Office parcel tracking at

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post office sa tracking

If for any reason you chose not to use carrier’s official website and want to check on your delivery using a specialized tracking website, we are glad to welcome you at for Post Office parcel tracking of your parcel. It can be done in three easy steps:

  • step 1

    Visit our website and choose SA post among the list of carriers;

  • step 2

    Enter your parcel number into the required field and press ‘enter’;

  • step 3

    Wait for your results to be displayed. It usually takes about 30-40 seconds.

You’ll see the most recent status update that was provided in the database for your item. If you need more detailed results when tracking Post Office delivery, click on ‘show details’ and check the full history from the day your item was posted until the most recent event.

What is Post Office tracking number?

post office international tracking

post office tracking number

The only thing required from either sender or recipient in order to successfully get the info about parcel from the system is to enter a valid parcel’s id. You can find one on the shipping receipt provided by PO when posting an item. Your Post Office tracking number is the only key that can possibly be used to identify your package in the database, no other info like your name, delivery address or phone number are useful for tracking. That’s why you should always keep your number memorized or recorded somewhere until the moment your parcel is delivered successfully to recipient. Besides tracking parcel Post Office can use your parcel number to look for an item in your local PO storage room if you came to pick up your order. In case you are calling customer support concerning any issues with your delivery, your parcel id will also be required.

Problems with Post Office international tracking?

While domestic parcels are usually being tracked without a problem, if one is using correct tracking number of course, Post Office international tracking might get a bit tricky for customers. The first thing to remember if you’re awaiting parcel sent from SA to overseas is that after parcel is dispatched from JHB international mail center, it will not receive any status updates. In order to check on delivery progress in destination country you’ll have to use your local national postal provider tracking tool. If the parcel arrived at SA from overseas, for parcel tracking Post Office might change its tracking number from its original version to local one. If your parcel does not receive any updates upon arrival to JHB customs, contact customer support to find out your new number to use for further tracking.

How to interpret results of Post Office SA tracking?

Tracking results provided by SA postal carrier usually indicate date, location and stage of delivery process like sorting or transition or arrival at a facility. Post Office SA tracking might seem not very informative, but that is exactly the reason why they can be easily interpreted. The most popular statuses are “accepted” which means the parcel was posted by sender, “in transit” the parcel was registered at sorting facility and forwarded to the next one, “at customs” the parcel is undergoing customs clearance, “at office” parcel is stored at recipient’s local PO and is ready for delivery or pickup, “delivered” final stage of the process.

If during Post Office tracking you see any status you don’t understand, or your status indicates a problem, contact carrier’s customer support to manage your delivery.

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