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If you want to post a package, or received a notification from SAPO that advised you to pick up an incoming mail, Post Office is the place to go. Your local PO can not only help you with managing your mail, but also with finding your missing parcels or letters, buying postal products, packaging and philately. You can rent postal box at local PO for your personal or business needs. Also you can use the services of Postbank at any of Post Office branches, being bank’s customer you can apply for their services at any SAPO counter to manage your finances fast and safely. So in case you are up to any of the mentioned services, choose the office closest to you and visit it during its business hours.

What are the regular Post Office hours?

post office working hours

post office hours

When planning your visit to any SAPO branches, it is best to confirm the working schedule in advance. First thing to know about Post Office hours is that most offices are closed on Sunday. On Saturday offices work with modified hours, from 9:00 till 12:30 to manage urgent deliveries. On business days, from Monday till Friday most branches are operating from 8:00 till 17:00 providing all types of services to private and business customers. One should also be informed that Post Office working hours can be affected by public holidays, for which most locations are closed. You can find out business schedule for your local office by downloading the List of postal offices

How do I find Post Office near me?

post office locations

post office near me

In order to choose the PO closest to you and most convenient to visit, especially if you have a heavy or bulky item to post, you can search a “Post Office near me”. All the carrier’s branches can be easily found on Google maps. Alternatively you can visit carrier’s official website to download the complete list of offices, that includes addresses, contact numbers, business hours, postal codes and lots of other useful info about Post Office locations across the country. If you cannot find the info you need about any of the locations, you can always call customer support to acquire all the answers you need.

What is the Post Office contact number?

If you have any problems with your delivery and want to file a claim or have a question to ask, you can always call either your local office or a centralized customer support. The centralized Post Office contact number is 0860 111 502. Customer support team accepts all queries and complaints and can help you with most problems with parcel deliveries. Alternatively you can write them at [email protected] they can provide you the most up to date info about your mail status and help with finding local tracking number. You can also use online Post Office contact forms to file any kind of claim or request.

How to track a parcel sent with Post Office SA?

In order to follow your parcel’s delivery process online you can track its current status at third-party tracking websites like The site is easy to use, mobile-friendly and low on traffic which allows you to use it on any device. You can also use tracking tool at Post Office SA official website. The only thing you need to do that is a valid parcel number to identify your item in the database. The procedure is pretty simple:

  • step 1

    You enter your parcel number into the required field;

  • step 2

    Press ‘Enter’ and wait a couple of moments until results are displayed.

  • step 3

    Parcels receive status updates during their transition in South Africa until they either arrive at delivery office, or are dispatched for delivery overseas.

In case your tracking results indicate any kind of problem with transition, or your parcel is stuck at one location for too long, contact Post Office customer support in any way possible to make sure your parcel will be delivered safely and as soon as possible.

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