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The carrier operated in the States of Louisiana and Texas with its creator Sr. Louis. In 1924 they rode a little old car with backseats removed to make it into a truck. It was a humble local company until 1980s, when the expansion started. Thirty years passed and it became one of the largest regional carriers in the US that occupies itself with trucking and LTL deliveries. With over 140 terminals across US and Canada, it grew to be a well-developed transportation enterprise that keeps up with the times, introducing new technologies and new approaches to satisfy demands of business and individual customers. That is why for the last decade it is possible to track Saia deliveries online to make sure it is progressing smoothly. It can be done either at company’s official website, or with a number of small tracking sites, one of which we would like to bring to your attention.

The best website for SAIA transportation tracking


SAIA transport tracking

Now we’re here to draw your attention to our brand new website for tracking your international and domestic deliveries. Here you can choose from a wide range of carrier companies all over the world, and track all your parcels no matter what courier they were sent with. Starting from December 2018 we’re adding to our list of delivery providers and offering you SAIA shipment tracking. Now you can enjoy tracking another one of your favorite companies and check if we’re anywhere near becoming your most beloved online tracker.

How to track SAIA shipment?

Here are a couple of hints on how to succeed with checking your delivery status with Though the site is extremely simple to use for most audience, we would still like to provide a short step-by-step instruction just to be sure, that our best intentions were put into practice in the best possible way. In order to get your SAIA tracking information you have to:

  • visit
  • enter your freight number into the required field
  • click on big blue ‘track’ button and wait for a couple of seconds until your results are prepared.

Please, do not worry if it takes 30 seconds or more for your tracking results to appear, as the system has to analyze and sum up all of the data about your delivery in the large pool of information.

What will my SAIA tracking info consist of?

Mind that the main page of your results will show only the most recent status update. For more integral results of tracking SAIA shipments you can click on the ‘show detailed parcel’s movement’ button located under the status of the delivery. The comprehensive summary will include date, time, location and description of all operations the parcel has gone through on the way to destination.

Where do I find my SAIA tracking number?

Our website only offers you a sole option of tracking by PRO number. You receive one when registering your item for delivery at carrier’s official website, or from the sender, if you are awaiting parcel. Saia tracking numbers are always solely numerical; they include eleven digits that should not be separated from each other by spaces, dashes or any other symbols when entering. It’s crucial to enter the correct delivery id if you want to get accurate results, or any tracking results at all, as this number is the only way for us to locate and gather the correct info in the database.

Failed to track a SAIA shipment?

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From time to time you might come across problems while trying to get some tracking results. In most cases issues with SAIA frieght tracking are caused by entering incorrect pro number. At times, our website or carrier’s database can be undergoing maintenance works; that usually lasts no longer then 3-4 hours, during which it’s impossible to access any data. It might also be impossible to get info about freights that were delivered over 6 months ago, or sent less than 1 business day ago.

SAIA package tracking shows problems with delivery?

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SAIA tracking customer service

Your status indicates hitches or misdelivery? Your parcel is stuck at sorting facility and does not receive status updates for over a week? Something’s not going according to plan? Do not hesitate to contact carrier’s customer support. You can call them on 1-800-765-7242 or file a claim at to get in touch with company’s managers. might be the best SAIA tracker but if you want to influence the delivery in any way, it is a must to contact the carrier directly.

SAIA tracking
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