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Fedex Holiday schedule 2019


Apr 10 2019

Not until will you observe the FedEx schedule on Holidays 2019 then you will be able to order your shipping.

One of the most well-established American postal services, Fedex strives to provide customers with an exceptional level of quality and speed of delivery. However, like many other US businesses, it observes some holidays and Fedex holiday schedule changes accordingly. What is it? It depends on the holiday.

If you want to find out how exactly Fedex operates on certain holidays, you can check out the Fedex 2019 Holiday schedule – they keep the information updated. Besides, the postal offices always inform customers whenever the business hours change.

Fedex holiday shipping

So, how is Fedex holiday shipping performed? It depends on the holiday. For example, during Christmas, Fedex takes a day off, and shipping is not executed at all. It means customers can receive their parcels on the next day only (if expected on the holiday), and delays should be expected.

However, some mission-critical parcels can still be sent by Fedex Custom Critical service – even if Fedex holiday delivery schedule changes, it’s available all year round regardless of days off. As a rule, this service is used for managing time-sensitive deliveries and very important documents. It’s available for both corporate and individual customers.

In most cases, the delivery schedule isn’t changed, and Fedex continues shipping parcels on a regular basis. That means you can receive shipments even during the peak time – it will be delivered to the nearest postal office or right to your doorstep.

Fedex freight holiday schedule

Fedex freight holiday schedule depends on the holiday. As we’ve mentioned, Fedex takes days off only during the most special, official holidays like Christmas, Labor Day, or New Year (1st of January). In most cases, it does not change its schedule – business hours stay the same as usual.

In rare occasions certain postal offices can change their business hours. You can check Fedex holiday calendar and ask the staff about schedule adjustments.

Even if Fedex is closed on a holiday, you can visit Fedex website or use its mobile application to manage and track shipments. This service is available on 24/7.

Now you know that Fedex holiday schedule depends on the occasion – in most cases, Fedex continues delivering parcels and its business hours are not changed. You can expect timely delivery of your parcels and great quality of service even during peak hours.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 11.04.2019