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FedEx Easter hours 2019


Mar 12 2019

Interested in Fedex schedule on Easter? This article will let you know everythig about it!

Nore of Fedex services are available on Easter Sunday. However, on Easter Monday all the services are available and working with a regular schedule.

fedex open on easter 2019

fedex easter monday 2019

One of the greatest Christian holidays – Easter, can cause a difficulty for those people, who are regularly send packages, or expecting an urgent delivery. Unfortunately, FedEx Easter hours schedule on Sunday doesn’t give you an opportunity to use a carrier’s services – because all the offices and delivery options are closed. It means that for all of the FedEx employees Easter Sunday is a day-off. Luckily, FedEx company starts working as usual on Monday.

What was FedEx Easter in 2018?

As known, Easter date changes from year to year – in depends on the Moon calendar. However, FedEx Easter schedule stays the same for every year. It means that this carrier didn’t work on Sunday but continued its work on Monday after Easter.

So, if you are planning urgent or speed-sensitive delivery, you should keep in mind the fact that Easter schedule for Fedex can influence on the delivery date.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019