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Does Fedex deliver on Memorial Day 2019


Mar 05 2019

Not until will you familiarize the FedEx delivery schedule on Memorial Day 2019, you will be able to plan and organize all the deliveries on this time period.

Nope, Fedex does not deliver any packages on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day

Even though this is an annual holiday, that does have a long history of being a day-off in the US, there are still those, wondering, does FedEx deliver on Memorial Day. So if the fact that this holiday affects business schedules for most companies every single year for the last couple of decades was not convincing enough and you still planned your deliveries so that they should happen around this date, you can find answers to the most popular questions like “is FedEx closed on Memorial Day?” below.

Does FedEx work on Memorial Day?

The answer to this question depends on the type of service you want to know about. For example, if you wonder whether your package can be delivered on this day, the answer is negative. Neither small parcels nor freight are delivered on the last Monday of May by this carrier. And if you’re asking, does FedEx work on Memorial Day, meaning trade network, it’s still a definite no. Though, they all are back at your service on the very next business day, which is Tuesday.

What about my PO, is FedEx open on Memorial Day?

If you have an urgent business with your local company’s office on this very date, then rejoice, as some of them do provide services on Memorial Day, though the working hours are modified. Whether or not is FedEx open on Memorial Day depends on the particular office, so if you want to make sure, visit company’s official website, locate your nearest office and look at specific holiday schedule for it.

What was the schedule for FedEx Memorial Day 2018?

Much like this year, the company did not provide any kind of deliveries on that day; neither did the trading networks, so it’s safe to say that mostly for FedEx Memorial Day 2018 is an off-work day. Company’s offices were open, but with modified working hours; the only single service was full well operating, and that’s custom critical delivery. All the other types, like ground, express, home or freight delivery resumed work on the next day. That’s all you have to know about what parcels does FedEx deliver on Memorial Day.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 19.03.2019