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Best USA online shops ever

Online-retailers are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Not only are they comfortable, they can literally save your relationships. By the time you hit your second-year anniversary, two things happen: the good one is that you already are pretty much aware of your partner’s preferences and fashion choices; the bad one, though, - you’ve already spent so many holidays together that you’ve exhausted the list of most obvious gifts. By that time you’ve most probably already applied to women's clothing online stores (or mens clothing online retailers, let’s not assume your partner’s gender here), you’ve shopped for smartphones for sale, and then most likely ditched that idea, because it is a bit too early for such a pricey bounty, and the cheap smartphones are not so good of an option. So it’s exactly when you start wondering, what would be the best thing to get for your significant other for any of the upcoming events: a recipe book or some kitchen appliances might be good if your partner enjoys hitting the kitchen, or maybe you could get them the best processor to upgrade their old computer or a new graphics card. Or maybe it’s going to be a complete set of Harry Potter books to awake those nostalgic feelings. Or maybe some rare poetry books to remind them what a deep and sophisticated person you truly are (despite the fact that you accidentally fell asleep in the theater, which no one can blame you for). The range of options offered by today’s online shops is so vast, that it can drive one insane. In case you’re now reading this while being torn between getting your partner personalized children's books or plus size clothing, and a small part of you is all fired up to go second round of searching for current men clothing styles, we’ve gathered some info that might be exactly what you need right now. Below you will find the list of the best trust-worthy online-shops, and the most popular goods they sell. Just quickly go through it and we are pretty sure, you’ll be able to find something suitable for any kind of events, or at least find something to treat yourself for all your hard work ;) brief


Now let’s start off with the biggest fishes in this sea. This e-commerce giant, being originally from Seattle has spread itself all over the world, selling everything and anything, from dog food for your Siberian husky to personalized gifts you can give to any of your friends, relatives, beloved or hated ones (you can even buy a nice pair of socks to free your Dobby). They also have a line of own products with Amazon Echo 2nd generation being one of the most popular among them. It’s hard to think of a person, who is experienced in online-purchasing, but has never used their services. And while their diaper -selling department, or school supplies , or household chemicals like Tide pods are mostly irrelevant for this particular article, and even the best and strongest TV mount or sustainable bamboo flooring would hardly make a nice gift for most people, you can still choose from literally millions of options. Whether your significant other is into healthy food and would be overjoyed to get healthy gourmet shacks, or they need new WeatherTech car mats for the winter, or maybe, a new pair of designer glasses frame, they all can easily be bought in one place, and that’s here. A nice set of sheets and duvet covers for distant relative’s wedding, a new water heater that will definitely come in handy for parents, the kids car nephew wrote to Santa about, those are actually all the things I’ve successfully purchased at this website, and currently I’m thinking that LG 42 inch TV just might be the right thing to buy as literally anyone’s birthday present. brief


This one for me is the father of all online trading, the first website I ever used to purchase something online, and that something was a very unique in certain ways wall painting that kept my parents from entering my room for almost 8 years. Then this store had me so hung up on online-purchasing that I’ve spent weeks buying stuff like laundry detergent, wine glasses or cat food, simply enjoying the possibility to do it without having to leave home. So now, I can gladly present you the list of undoubtedly unique gifts you can give to someone dear or not-so-dear to you: water cooler they can place at home and enjoy the atmosphere of dentist office reception; car mats or set of car tires a perfect starter pack for those who always wanted to have a car but still don’t own one; Chicco car seat and baby wipes because where there are children there’s always need for more wipes; a Black and Decker drill for those wanting to become that “neighbor who’s been drilling on the other aide of someone’s wall for 3 weeks”; wool socks for those who enjoy cozy evenings with popcorn and horror movies, kitchen knives in case they’ve watched too much horrors and are now scared of the sounds water wipes make in the bathroom; a power strip in case their stripper is not powerful enough; for exalted k-pop fans you can even buy a water bottle or a towel their favorite band member used; and you can always buy Samsung headphone jack for those of your less-beloved friends with iPhones. brief


Now we’ve got to the holy ghost of this trinity, since it’s the third in the row of online-retailers on this list that sells literally anything. Want to order glasses online? Visit kitchen department, where you can easily find fancy cocktail glasses, or twelve-piece Wusthof knife set, or even the best kitchen appliances like coffee makers or mixers. In household essentials department there’s an extensive amount of stuff like fabric softener for different types of laundry, dishwasher detergent applicable for cleaning various types of dish surfaces and food, shoe polish for various materials and colors. If you’re in search for car wheels, a comfy and safe baby seat, or a pineapple-scented car air freshener, Auto, Tires & Industrial department is awaiting your visit. Home, furniture and appliances department harbors a lot of diverse goods: water-soluble or organic exterior paint for different surfaces; vide range of modern wallpaper with various designs and patterns; comfortable and austere waiting room chairs; luxury bedding for those longing for a little bit of extra commodity; best bath towels which absorb water well from the very first use; you might even find some finest copy paper somewhere around there. And if you want to purchase LG 50 inch TV or Samsung S series smartphone, it might help to check the electronics & office department. brief


This e-commerce website is all about vintage, handmade, custom-made gifts, DIY craft and art materials. While most brands are becoming cruelty-free, if you’re determined to hold on to your love for fur and want a real chinchilla coat for the cold northern winters or womens coat with fur hood for milder weather, that’s the store where you’re most likely to find one. Also, despite being vegan, eco-leather made of polyurethane does have a very short service time, so if you want a real leather purse that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come, or a leather journal posh enough to give it to your boss as a secret Santa, you can always shop for designer purses and notepads at this website. But of course, since this platform unites designers and manufacturers of different types, you are also sure to find designer handbags, made of eco-friendly materials, there. Besides, this is the place to find loads of handmade jewellery of all sorts and styles. Is your special someone into the gothic stuff? Buy her a thorn collar necklace or a pair of statement handmade earrings. Or maybe your partner is into hand accessories? Then men’s bracelet set might be a good choice to buy for him. No matter the gender, you’ll be able to find something suitable, as mens designer wallets they are selling at this website are equally good as women's designer wallets, kind of gender equality in action. And if you have to choose something for a housewarming gift, they have a fine selection of picture frames of all sorts of colors, sizes and configurations, so one is sure to find the suitable photo frame for any kind of interior. And of course, if you want to treat yourself to something simple and cheap, you can search for a personalized passport holder, or scented candles, or a set of comics. With the number of options this store offers, you will always find something to your liking. brief


This website is pretty similar to the first three positions on this list, they do sell everything and anything, from modern office furniture with free 2-days shipping option, to virtual reality glasses with prices starting from $20. So it is the perfect place for shopping before Christmas. Some kitchen appliances would make a much appreciated gift for your parents. Your siblings might love to get Xbox 360 which can make a perfect, though a bit pricey, pairing with VR games which can also be found at this website. And if you’re not a big fan of this particular console, PS4 price here is quite satisfying. But personally I have found here the one thing that caught my attention for a pretty long time - Roomba robot vacuum. At first I’ve suspected myself of getting old, since never have I ever before felt any sort of interest for this particular household devices, I’ve owned a Dyson vacuum, that I got for a house-warming gift from my parents a couple of years ago, and it was enough. But now the idea of having an i Robot vacuum, that can be controlled from my smartphone, and is practically like a very quiet and autonomous pet, seems fascinating. Speaking of house-warming gifts, if you are looking for one, you might want to take a look at this site’s modern sofa stock. They’ve got some nice furniture, which is totally worth the money it costs. For example, sectional sleeper sofa is a good present for almost any household, where you’re planning to stay for sleep-overs every now and then. Enough with modern furniture, these guys do sell enormous amount of merchandize in about 30 different categories, so it’s worth taking at least a brief glance at what they’ve got to offer. brief


Though, if you actually decided to go for it and buy smartphone or a fitness tracker or maybe even work laptop as a gift, there are two stores on this list that will gladly sell you electronic devices of all sorts. This one happened to come to my mind first, since I recently purchased Bose wireless headphones from this shop. If you’re looking for the best smartphone they can serve the most popular ones like: Samsung Galaxy series, with devices hitting at different prices and operational levels, all sorts of Mi smartphone which is a nice middle-class segment brand, some might even say that best Xiaomi phone is equally good as the well-known fruity brand phones; Lenovo mobile devices which are both stylish and highly functional. And if you need something bigger that smartphones, you can always buy Samsung tablet (or, to be precise, any kind of Google tablet, since their prices are the most competitive in the market). And when it comes to best work laptop that can satisfy most operational needs, you can search for a Lenovo laptop or a Dell laptop that combine ergonomic design, high performance (you can choose one with intel core i7 to keep up with the most recent trends) and reasonable prices. Needless to say, this site also sells accessories, for example you can find Samsung Galaxy S8 headphone jack or charger adapter there. They also sell larger appliances, so you can even set your sights on LG TV 32 inch that will fit ideally into any household. brief


Much like every other online-store today, they sell tons of dissimilar goods, from running shoes to furniture and gourmet foods. Though, mostly they focus on outfits for men and women, shoes and accessories. My close acquaintance with this store began with my ex’s obsession with Free People dresses. That’s the brans that issues Boho style clothing, and while they do have website of their own, with enviable persistence she was looking for another Free People red dress or a pair of Free People booties at this particular website. There’re tons of different brands presented here, you can grab Clarks mens shoes or use this website as a sort of Michael Kors outlet, as they do have a big stock of this brand’s products. You can visit athletic shoes department and buy a pair of womens black and white Nike running shoes on sale and have them delivered to you in no time. Or you can type ‘Clarks wallabees’ into the search line at the website and buy yourself a pair that would go perfectly with your new chinos. But no, every time I think of this shop now, all that comes to mind is just Free People embroidered dress with a strange-sounding color, like ‘aqua bloom combo’, or name like ‘wild horses mini-dress’, or a Free People sweater which was equally gorgeous-looking and completely useless as it had a deep neckline and did not keep her warm at all. Though, I’m pretty sure that the cause for this trauma of mine was not the store, or the brand, but a certain woman with strange wardrobe choices. brief


This one is almost identical to the above mentioned electronics store. You can also visit it to shop for fitness watches for women or compare current graphics card prices. And even if you don’t find much interest in buying any business laptop (and I mean even the very best business laptop) and the words Intel i7 do not carry any meaning to you, a pair of new wireless noise cancelling headphones would still be perfect for anyone who has to deal with being surrounded by people on daily basis. You can also shop for, let’s say, a network adapter, built in or USB network adapter, or try to find the smallest smartphone available for purchase. Also, since a new smartphone is released at least once a year by every major producing company, it’s always useful to look up all Samsung phones to see if they’ve already released another one of Samsung Galaxy A series phones. Or you can spend some free time comparing the characteristics of Lenovo thinkpad and Samsung Galaxy tab to finally decide that you still want to buy an iPad. And if you’re a big fan of movies or gaming-console enthusiast, 4k smart TV offers are just for you, so you can take a new LG 55 inch smart TV home and take care of it for the rest of its life. And much like the previously described store, this one also has accessories department with Samsung s8 headphone jack waiting patiently for your attention. brief


This would make the first store on this list, that only sells clothes, shoes and accessories under own clothing brands, which is kind of nice and refreshing compared to the giants of industry mentioned before. The choice might be much more limited, but personally I still consider it one of the best online clothing stores among this list. Besides I’m head over heels for one of their brands, which is exactly why my closet is full of Banana Republic jeans of all the possible types and colors: mid-rise, high-rise, skinny, straight, long, cropped, whatever you can imagine. Banana Republic pants I also love tenderly, the fabric mostly feels very comfortable and they fit my body type perfectly. But I must admit that I’m not particularly fond of Banana Republic dresses, since they seem pretty basic to me. The selection of shoes this shop offers is also quite decent. Most of their owned brands offer their own lines of shoes, where you can easily find boots for women, both: flats and heels, mens sandals (which we totally support you to be wearing together with socks if that’s what you’re into), kids sandals for boys, girls and everything in between, kids sneakers, dress shoes, oxfords, clogs, though knowing how children are, they might all be considered kids running shoes after all, the quality of the shoes does allow the kids to move freely in all the above-mentioned. brief


Is there a single person who does not know this particular shop? I swear I’ve singlehandedly bought about fifty of their bath gift sets, tons of skin care products, and maybe a little too many kinds of fragrance oils. Also, the fact that recently I totally hung up on bare Minerals makeup might add to my wallet’s distress. But, oh well, there’s always a place for a new tinted moisturizer, face lotion, and some of us (me included) already have to admit the fact that anti aging cream isn’t something we can afford to ignore anymore. Aside from facial care, especially face moisturizer I love dearly, they also have a wide range of make-up products. At times you get to spend a solid hour scrolling through the page with foundation makeup, simply trying to understand if and how exactly is liquid foundation better than powder foundation. And even if your make-up collection is limited to a minimum set of blush, mascara and face powder you started to use in the 8th grade, you’ll still be able to find something of interest there. brief


The shop, mostly selling home supply might seem odd in this list, but really, I’m pretty sure that if you give someone mid century modern sofa as a birthday gift, it’s going to be the most memorable gift of all. But set modern sofa aside, furniture can actually be a decent present, besides this particular shop is pretty much one of the best. Recently we’ve bought some office furniture from them, which means that we had to go through pages and pages of things like reception desk, conference table big enough to make room for seven but small enough to save place for a big comfy couch by the window. So if you’re looking for an office desk or a new desk chair, you can always try your luck over there. There’s also a fine selection of bedroom sets to choose from and dining room sets for affordable prices. So if you think, that you’ve got someone broad-minded enough to enjoy sectional sofas as their birthday present, or filing cabinets for Valentines, there’s no better place to go shopping for modern furniture than this shop here. brief


Now back to the classics. Old navy mens and Old navy womens clothes are being in demand since the early 2000s, hitting 1,8 million followers on Instagram, this company is equally popular among middle-aged and young audience. Beside clothes you can also find Old navy shoes and accessories at their website, which I myself find wonderful, since Old navy womens boots are one of the most comfy basic shoes I’ve ever owned. There’re also some specialized segments, like Old navy maternity department and Old navy baby which you might consider when you have to attend Baby Shower, or Old navy kids where it’s easy to buy some stuff for your kids, siblings or younger cousins. brief


This might seem like just another store on this list, selling shoes, clothes and accessories, and that might actually be true, but Zappos shoes department is actually my favorite one among all the mentioned. If I’m longing for a pair of new Converse, that’s the place I’m most likely to visit first. And God witness, with his Converse Chuck Taylor gave us the best gift of all – the perfect casual shoes that go equally well with Levis jeans or classic costume pants, or even a regular basic dresses. But, as the matter of fact, you can also buy a pair of Levis jeans for men at this website as well, in case you’re looking for one to go with your new Converse Star shoes. Why am I so gung-ho about this particular brand? The story is quite simple: a pair of red Converse was the first thing I ever bought on my own salary. I was about 15 at the time, and those were the Converse classic high tops, that always cost around $50, and I was so proud of myself that till that time they remain my favorite type of shoes. So by now I’ve owned black and gold Converse high tops and sneakers of different colors and patterns, made of leather and textile, I tried wearing Converse basketball shoes though they never seemed to match my style. But it was still the first step I took to buying myself Adidas basketball shoes, which also happened to be done at this website, years after I got my first salary. They still have a pretty decent selection of Adidas Stan Smith and Adidas Samba lines, which you might be glad to hear, if you’re a fan of sport style. brief

american eagle

This one is also a single-brand online shop that specializes on clothes mostly. To be completely honest, I’ve never tried shopping here, but some of my colleagues swear that it’s one of the top online shopping websites you can find in American segment of the internet. And as I am here on a sort of quest to observe and describe best online shopping sites for women's clothing you can find out there, as well as best online mens clothing retailers, I simply couldn’t go past American Eagle. For now I am not sure about their delivery, but I’ve spent some two hours researching their clothes online stock, and I have to admit that the variety of goods and their style are definitely to my tastes. Besides, their swimsuits are ones of the best I’ve seen in clothes shops online. Every now and then, they also put about half of their collection on sale, which usually happens seasonally, and around holidays, so that’s quite a chance to choose something you might give as a gift to your beloved ones. brief


Now this one is from the much more premium segment of the online merchandising industry, the segment where Jimmy Choo shoes for women are residing. So if money is not an issue for you, and the only problem you ever have is choosing between black Gucci shoes and red Gucci shoes (and it’s kind of obvious that when it comes to Gucci shoes heels are the must), you can easily shop for your favorite pair there. But as they say, man shall not live by Gucci shoes alone, so there’s also an extensive line of Testoni shoes, as well as Emilio Pucci shoes, and other beloved brands such as Giuseppe Zanotti mens shoes, whose snickers I simply adore for their simple but gorgeous design. To be honest, I myself mostly visit this website in desperate hope of finding something with a huge discount, and at times I do get lucky enough to get my hands on the perfect pair of Givenchy tennis shoes for an affordable price. But I definitely had to mention this shop in this list, because really, no one can deny, that when it comes to Givenchy shoes womens hearts just cannot remain unshaken (did not carry any demographic survey, but I could guess that men’s hearts are probably in danger too when it comes to premium-class shoes). brief


This will be yet another website selling shoes, and it’s mostly interesting for its collection of sports footwear: Nike shoes for training and just sport-styled everyday pairs, Adidas shoes from different collections and lines, kids Converse shoes, all of those can be easily found there. They also have a number of different brands, like Stuart Weitzman shoes, mostly famous for their thigh-high boots, Rockport shoes for men which are the living synonym of comfort, Clarks shoes women prefer for their simple but smart design, Ecco shoes women and men equally love, and hundreds of other products, you name it. For me though, I’ve found this website while surfing the net in search for hiking shoes for women that could survive extremely low temperatures. Then I’ve spent some time and money there on Nike running shoes (it was that period of my life when I nurtured the thought of becoming ripped after a month of morning jogging, but though the idea itself was a complete and utter failure, those black Nike running shoes are still nice and look good with my not-so-perfect bod). Then I’ve also bought a couple of Adidas Adilette pairs for my brother and Nike soccer shoes for him as well (being all fired up about the idea of taking up some sports runs in our family together with the inability to actually do sports). Also, Adidas Gazelle seems to be one of the most popular shoes of all the sports department there, so if you want to check it out, you can visit them for more details. brief


This is actually my favorite part of this list, as the shops that sell books online are my most beloved segment of all internet. I first came across this particular store while searching for some scholastic books for my five-years-old nephew who was at that time getting ready for grade school. Then I returned to their website to find some entrepreneur books, and even though they all happened to be meaningless fraud, and failed to help in any possible way (even the very best entrepreneur books are all about “be motivated, be creative, find what you’re good at”), the website itself happened to appeal me. Besides business books I’ve already mentioned in a pretty harsh way, and kids books that are mostly okay, whether they serve educational or entertainment purposes, this store sells any type of literature you can think of, together with music, magazines, toys, movies and games. That’s why if you’re looking for a nice story book to pass the night or a gift edition of Chinese love poetry, you might want to check this site. brief


At some point of my life, when I’ve, to my great fear, noticed that most of my siblings and friends suddenly got married and had had a couple of kids of their own, I came to realize two things. Number one – being a girl I somehow became a prodigal son of my family. Number two - organic baby clothes are a thing and they cost a fortune. But as the time went by, I’ve actually mastered baby wearing (it only took two nieces and a nephew to learn how to do it right), and finally found the shop that sells kids sandals that are easy to fasten, and that one kids dress my niece saw on a girl from her kindergarten and was all whiny about. It is actually one of the best online retailers, where you can easily buy your kid shoes and outfits for a fair price and without having to drag them to the mall. No matter what you’re looking for, a pair of boys flip flops for a day at the beach, or shoes for girls (princess-like or simple and comfy for a little tomboy), or you simply want to quickly buy a pair of kids sneakers to pack it into your child’s suitcase before sending them to your parents for summer, you can always be sure that this website can provide you the perfectly selected variety of goods to choose from. brief


This one is the store I’ve heard from two of my brothers, since both of them bought their engagement rings there. At first I did think it was strange to shop for gold engagement rings online, but I guess, there still are people out there who will buy anything, including diamond rings and mens luxury watches, from online retailers just to avoid the need to visit the actual stores. Then, of sheer interest, I’ve tried to search for watches for women at this website, and was stunned by the vastness of the pool of choices. You want a Cartier watch made of 18kt pink gold? There’re about 10 of those. Or an Emporio Armani watch with mother of pearl dial set? Those they also have some. And if you’re not yet wealthy enough to be able to throw a fortune on a diamond watch, do not feel bad for yourself. This site does have big stock of items below $140 that can satisfy everyday needs functionally and stylistically, so there’s no need to cry over expensive watches most of us cannot afford. At times this online retailer also offers awesome discounts, grace to which I managed to buy Armani watches under $150 for some of my friends, the price hard to imagine while searching for gold watches for men. Anyway, besides watches for both genders, these guys here also sell jewelry, handbags, sunglasses and a fine selection of gifts from dinner and barware to fragrances and skin products. You can easily buy a silver or gold diamond bracelet for a tempting price, or beautiful but a bit over-the-top heart-shaped tanzanite rings, or small and neat diamond stud earrings that can add zest to your image, all of them would be packed carefully and sent to you via ground postal services in no time.

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