Aramex review by Liz from Liz's Promotions, Cape Town

Service "s*cks", my parcel left my Supplier on Monday 29 July19, it was received by Aramex J'burg, process thru all the various departments within Aramex for delivery 2 since Monday past, I followed up with Aramex CT since Wednesday 31 July 19, to no AVAILE DOES MY TRACKING SHOWS WHERE MY PARCEL IS AS ST FRIDAY 2nd August 19............., I ask my Supplier to follow up, whereby I was told that it left JBurg Aramex, but Aramex JBurg, NEITHER Aranex Cape Town, can tell me exactly where my parcel is as at FRIDAY 2nd Aug....Now tell me this...........WHY DO YOU GET A TRACKING NUMBER? ????? For the JOKE????-PLEASE IF YOU ARE SUCH A BIGGG COMPANY WHY IS YOUR SERVICE SOOOOO POOOOOR????????? PLEASE JACK UP Your "SERVICE LEVELS" FOR Pete's SAKE....., I AM SOOO FRUSTRATED!!! HAVE LOST SALES

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