Aramex review by Silvia

I have been waiting from my Nbd atm card now 3 weeks. In the mean time I had to renew my resident visa and ID card. When finally they arrived I was refused to get my atm card just with my ID copy and my driving licence. They have been requesting visa application from the immigration department which obviously didn’t get as my PRO is having it to process the application. Now I am blocked without money and I have been trying to call the call centre passed by office to office not being able to get through and have my delivery in hand. But the worst is trying to call them and it takes ages for some one to answer ending you in waiting for a minimum of 10 minutes. Excuses and excuses and in the mean time I am not able to use my money blocked into an account by Aramex. NBD bank should change this service with Aramex. Bad bad service. Very very bad.

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