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Aramex International

If you are looking for a safe, quick and convenient sending and delivery parcels from UAE, then Aramex International Express is the right choice. It is listed on Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and located between East and Fest of the country so delivers can get quality logistics services anywhere in the world.

The history of this company began in 1982s, when it was founded. And now it is the first Arab-based delivery company that is listed on the NASDAQ  stock exchange.


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Aramex international courier ltd

Aramex International offers its customers innovative logistics and transportation services, both for individuals and large companies. The quality of service provided remains unchanged. If you send or expect one small parcel or a large multi-kilogram load, it does not matter, because it will definitely be delivered on time.

Furthermore, Aramex International Courier and Delivering Service Company offers well-organized warehousing operations, as they play an important role in the supply chain. The company stores your packages in strategically located modern logistics centers offering different storage options to fully meet the needs of senders and receivers. You can easily find you way of packing and delivery according to your money and estimated delivery time.

According to all information that we mentioned, the conclusion is the Aramex International Logistics are a well-thought-out, tuned and optimized process of clearance, dispatch, delivery and storage of cargo.

What should you know?

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Many modern senders, of course, except for large companies, do not make out the method of delivery Doors-Doors and do not use Aramex International Courier service. All because, this solution allows significant savings. In addition, if you have a very small package box, you can easily pick it up yourself from the nearest branch in your city or country. But there is another question. How do you know that the parcel is delivered and waiting for you in the post department?

Aramex company, like many other international companies, provides a convenient system for Aramex international tracking via the Internet. To do this, you will need to go to their official website and sign in. If you do not have time, or you simply do not want to perform a lot of unnecessary actions, you can use our tracking website

The Aramex international limited company also provides high-quality customer management. Therefore, if you have any questions, you can fill out the form on the official website, specifying your contact information, and the company's managers will contact you. Or you can use the map to find and contact the official representative office of the company in your country.

How to track, using our website services?

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Our website provides the great way to use Aramex tracking international service.

To track your parcel, you need:

  • Connect to Internet Work and open our website
  • Enter your Aramex international express air waybill or shipment waybill (depending on the way of delivery you have chosen)
  • Press the “Track” button

Using our web-site you can track all types of Aramex international courier tracking, independently if it is domestic, International, Coming from UAE to overseas or vice versa.

As a rule, the process of tracking any type of parcel delivery takes 30 seconds. Our system needs so short time to find and track your package, having received all the necessary information for you.

Thus, using, you can easily track the package sent via Aramex Company without any additional actions.

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