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Not long ago, in a time not yet forgotten, a preternatural event threw the postal delivery of your online purchases out of balance. In a land where the majority of consumer goods are produced and online-sellers strive to compete with European and American ones, trouble was brewing. Chinese ecommerce is coming on strong, and in the not fully-formed segment of express international parcel delivery, young and promising companies are massing in order to snatch their share of this market. Among them is the company named Winit package tracking system of which has made a number of customers as frustrated as they could possibly get. Sweeping from the drama of angry customers to a distant kingdom of epicurean plenty, here is a story of tracking site that comes to help you in the time of these grim tendencies.

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Winit tracking

What is Winit tracking show?

Here an enigmatic band of enthusiasts bear responsibility for your Winit parcel tracking; a fast and reliable tracking mechanism provides you with the most accurate results; an access to tracking can be obtained from any device without registration and downloading any unnecessary applications; and a unique parcel number carries all the information about delivery progress. Amid deliveries and missing mail, national and private carrier companies, positive feedback and complaints, the fate of your parcel hangs perilously in the balance, as our site strives to give you a chance to obtain the results of Winit shipping tracking.

How to use Winit tracking?

Enough with the unnecessary pathos. To be honest, tracing your parcel on our site is much easier than it sounded. All you have to do is:

  • enter,
  • choose the name of the carrier your parcel was sent with,
  • enter your tracking number in the required field,
  • click the “track” button,
  • wait for a few moments as the site prepares your Winit tracking and trace results.
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Winit tracking

We have to warn you though, that like Fairy godmother’s magic only lasts until midnight, tracking of this company’s shipping only works until your parcel is handed over to third-party courier company for actual delivery. The company itself provides delivery only between their warehouses, not to destination address. For final delivery your parcel will be handed over to one of the postal companies and instead of Winit tracking number it’ll receive a new one.

The company uses a proprietary innovative parcel monitoring system, and usually their parcel numbers format is ID18022028372136CN, and though it does look quite similar to regular international tracking numbers, it cannot be used by any of the existing postal companies. The tricky thing here is that after your number is changed by the legit carrier, there’s no way for you to find out the new one to use for farther tracking. That is why currently thanks to the problems with Winit tracking ebay deals with a number of disappointed customers.

But do not worry! If your package no longer receives any status updates, but was not yet delivered, if the sender refuses to cooperate and you fail to receive a refund, you can always try to contact company’s customer support at [email protected] for they are responsible for giving you the instructions to solve any problems with Winit delivery tracking or the delivery itself.

winit customer service

winit customer service

Still hesitating to track your parcel with us?

The company is constantly working on preventing the problems with their services, and the quality of the latter is improving day by day. That is why we are sure that soon enough you’ll be able to trace the whole delivery process from pickup point to recipient’s hands.

Even now, if your package was sent with Winit tracking parcel is easy at So you are more than welcome to try it out and decide for yourself.

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