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ODFL Tracking

ODFL Tracking

According to the widespread belief, the delivery service is one of the most in-demand worldwide. And this fact is not surprising – cause this popularity based on the long list of available benefits. ODFL proposes all of them with the reasonable prices, also including a couple of extra options.
For example, while using this carrier, you’ll get the Old Dominion Freight Line tracking entirely for free – cause this option is an essential one for every person, who uses couriers often.
ODFL is an American carrier, which story counts for almost a century. All of this time the company is working on the service quality – starting from the delivery cost and finishing with the quality of every procedure, no matter how hard it is.
Also, ODFL specializes in the middle-size boxes delivery, which means that the speed of the delivery will be ultimate.


Here is written a couple of useful advices, which can be used by every person, who is connected with the delivery, no matter how often do you use it.

What is ODFL tracking number?

Old Dominion Freight tracking number is the unique code, which carrier assigns to every parcel. It helps to identify the parcel among many others. Also, this number stores a lot of information according to the package, such as:

  • its route
  • destination
  • size
  • receiver's name
  • and other.

What is ODFL pro tracking?

As known, freight tracking ODFL is a specialized online option, which shows the current location of your package. It means that if you want to know where is your item right now, you can get this info, using any Internet-connected device and your tracking number.

How to use ODFL shipping tracking?

To get Old Dominion Freight line shipment tracking results, you should follow two easy steps:

  • Type the number of your parcel into the field.
  • Press the tracking button.

After that, you'll get a report where will be written all the facilities, which were passed by this box.

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