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post office near me

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You live in Australia and wonder where’s the “post office near me”? You can send a package via Australian post easily: this is of the best postal in the country and runs a huge number of workplaces all throughout the continent. No matter in which state or city you live, you are most likely going to have a post office close-by. But how to find it? This ultimate guide is here to help you.

How to discover Australia post near me?

post office box near me

australia post box near me

“How to find Australia post near me?” – you can ask. There’s no need to surf the net or stroll over the neighborhood. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the official Australian postal service site .
  • Proceed to ‘Tools’ then ‘Find location and hours’. Or click here to open the page.
  • Enter your suburb, city or ZIP code.
  • Choose the location type of the ‘post office near me’ (Post office, Parcel locker, Express post office, Parcel collect, Red street posting box) – it depends on the services you need to receive.
  • Press Enter.
  • You will see the list of locations and their hours of work.

You can also specify the type of services and a few requirements under the fields. For example, some popular services include foreign currency, Australian passport, Open on Saturday, Identity and document services, etc.

How to find express post box near me?


In order to find express post box near me, you should also proceed to the search and select the Express post box location type. Specify the location, and press Enter. You will see the list of nearby locations.

Using the express post box, you can drop prelabeled and packed bundles in it without visiting an Australian post office. It can save you a lot of time. Besides, you can drop a package on Saturday or Sunday – they are picked up on a daily basis.

Which services I can get in a post office box near me?

“Which services I can get in a post office box near me?” – most customers ask. Australia post offices provide the whole gamut of services:

  • Sending or receiving packages via ground delivery, express or standard delivery. Both local and international deliveries apply.
  • Stamping, labeling, packaging – Australian post office assistants are always ready to help customers prepare their packages for sending.
  • Banking and payments, insurance, gift cards.
  • In Australia post box near me, you can drop prelabeled packages without visiting the office.
  • Locate ID and document services: you can take photos, apply for Keypass ID, tax file number, order document translation, and so on.

Book an appointment in Australian post office

Now when you know where’s the ‘Australian post office near me’, you should book an appointment. How to do it?

  • Select the required service (for example 'Australian Passport') from the service menu and enter an area to look.
  • Define the Post Office location and select 'book arrangement'.
  • Pick your arrangement type from the rundown.
  • Select a date and time using their web-based booking framework.

Don’t have time to visit an office? Find ‘post box near me Australia’ and drop a package in the nearest box. It’s simple and fast.

Remember that every office provides some certain type of services, so you should specify a service during the search – it will help you avoid mistakes.

Note that national Australian postal service has offices all around the country. Search for a post office near me? Sydney is not the only city that boasts a huge number of offices – they are available in small towns and suburbs, as well. To locate the closest office, all you need is just to use the online search tool and specify your address. It’s easy as never before!

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