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Does Mail run on Christmas Eve 2019?

Apr 02 2019

Can mail be delivered during the Christmas holiday? We will let you know this information just in a couple of minutes!

YES, mail services run on Christmas Eve.

is there mail on christmas eve 2019

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You’ve ordered some gifts online and failed to receive them beforehand, so now you’ve stuck wondering, “does mail run on Christmas Eve”? Well, there is nothing for you to worry about, as we are here to acquaint you with holiday schedule of the most popular postal carriers in the US. Rest assured that on Christmas Eve most of them are operating just fine, though hours may be modified for some particular kinds of services. So, if you are awaiting mail delivery Christmas Eve will most probably not cause delays with it, unless we are talking about freight deliveries.

Can I receive my mail on Christmas Eve?

You certainly can, it your delivery or pickup was scheduled for this day. You can visit local delivery office or wait for your parcel at home, all according to the kind of service you use. Since on the next day most carriers will not be operating, receiving your mail on Christmas Eve might actually be the best solution for time-sensitive parcels or in case you were planning to use the insides of the parcel during the holiday.

Was Christmas post delivered in 2018?

According to 2018 data, holiday schedule for all the carriers was practically the same. Though, as it is quite usual for the holiday season, some customers were not able to receive their Christmas post in time because of the working load of sorting centers and customs, most of the parcels reached their destination as scheduled. But be careful with managing your deliveries, as on Christmas Day you might find out that all the services are closed for the holiday, despite the fact that by all means does mail run on Christmas Eve.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 03.04.2019