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Does Mail run on Black Friday 2019?

Mar 29 2019

Can your purchases be delivered during the Black Friday? We will let you know this information immediately!

YES, mail delivery is available on Black Friday.

does mail come on black friday 2019

mail on black friday 2019

Now, though we do get the question like “does mail run on Black Friday?” pretty regularly, each time it does not fail to put leave us puzzled. Now let’s clear this up, most postal companies do adjust their schedule in accordance with the calendar of federal holidays, which this day is definitely not. Thus there is literally no reason to stop mail delivery on Black Friday, or any other kind of postal services, no matter how much we anticipate the idea of discounts being a reason to celebrate and have a day-off.

So is mail delivered on Black Friday?

Well it certainly is, and that statement is legit for all delivery companies operating in the US. When you start asking yourself, is it possible to post my parcel on this day, is mail delivered on Black Friday, is my Post office even open, the real question should sound more like “why wouldn’t it be?”

Was there mail on Black Friday 2018?

Much similar to any other year, in 2018 Black Friday did in no way interfere with the Postal schedule. All the operations were performed normally, customers were perfectly able to dispatch and receive their mail on Black Friday, manage it with the help of online customer support or on the phone. There’s no need to worry about your deliveries being scheduled for this date, they will most certainly be delivered in time. And if they aren’t that is definitely not because of the holiday schedule, but rather because the postal company you chose is not reliable enough.

So now you tell us, does mail run on Black Friday?

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019