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Canada Post Tracker

The rapid growth of the e-commerce industry has also fueled advancements in delivery technologies. There are more delivery services than ever before and they are all fighting for the same business - you. To deliver stuff to you. While most delivery services have their own niches, customers don't. Therefore, an average customer is bound to use multiple delivery services without noticing it... until you have to track it.

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Unless you use an integrated parcel tracker Canada Post official website provides, chances are you end up on the delivery service provider's website to track your package. And that website will often be different.


It is a one-stop solution for your tracking worries. is a unified tracker for the most popular delivery services. Though our website’s list of delivery providers was already impressive, we have now added a Canada Post Order Tracker.

Just go to the website and enter your tracking number. That's it. You will be presented with comprehensive information about the movement of your package and its delivery timeline.

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Canada Post order tracker

With this tool, you can now track items sent or received through Canada Post. Using our services you can avoid the slow, complicated, and often-time glitchy government trackers.

How does Canada Post Parcel Tracker work?

Tracking technology has improved leaps and bounds in recent years. Thanks to advancements like the Internet, GPS and cloud storage of data, you can get the most accurate and recent updates about your parcel. On its way to reaching your doorstep, the package stops and changes modes at several points. With each stop, its location is updated on the cloud. Every product is assigned a unique number before it leaves the sorting and processing facility. Canada Post tracker number usually consists of 16 digits for local deliveries or 2 letters 9 numbers and 2 letters for international. The nomenclature might vary depending on the company. Tracking companies like us partner with these companies to bring you the latest available location update of your sending.

Which info will i get with Canada Post parcel tracker?

The information you receive is extensive as well. Armed with your item number or any other unique number assigned to your package you can use our Canada Post Package Tracker to obtain the following details:

  • Date and time of the event
  • The status or name of the delivery stage
  • Current whereabouts of the item

Only the most recent info is displayed on the mail results page, all the places it has stopped at and the duration of those stops are mentioned if you press on “show the detailed parcel’s movements” button of our Canada Post shipment tracker. In an age where our shopping happens online and products of our choice are brought to us without us being present, tracking facilities are very handy. With the addition of this company to the list of available services, is now more comprehensive than ever before. But benefits from checking your item status with us are not limited to you not having to use under-performing government websites alone. It is also beneficial in the sense that you can use just one website for all your tracking needs not only as Canada Post item tracker.

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