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They contain from 6 symbols, both numbers and letters (have letter-number-letter format), which means the codes are very easy to remember, and looks in K1A 0B1 (this is an example code).

Canadian post offers a huge amount of services, but in order to manage and control deliveries, you should always know the Canada Post postal code.

What is code postal Canada number?

post code canada

canadapost ca postal code

Before you start getting any postal service, for instance, parcel delivery, you need to make sure you know all essential data, including the destination of delivery and the postal code of the receiver. What is code postal Canada number? This is the same postal code that’s used for all postal services. Every country has its own format of postal codes. For example, in the USA, ZIP-code contains four numbers, in other countries, it might include 6 digits. The postal code is used by all national and private postal companies to locate the related offices and deliver parcels as close to the receiver as possible.

What is the postal code for Canada? In Canada, postal codes are pretty short. How to define it and why do you need it for? This ultimate guide will provide you with sample information about Canadian postal code and answer all your questions.

How to find Canadapost postal code?


Most likely, you’re aware of your own postal code, but how to find out the postal code of the receiver? You can easily do it online. You can define Canadapost postal code without googling - simply open the official website of Canada Post and do the following:

  • Visit this webpage for the search of the post code.
  • Enter your exact address and press enter. If you don’t remember the complete address, start typing it and check the suggestions that pop up.
  • You will see the related postal code.

Vice versa, you can define the addresses connected to some certain postal code, as well as related Canada post offices. Canada Post postal code search allows for working in both directions.

Why you should know post code Canada?


Knowing the postal code, you can access the whole gamut of services in Canadian post, including:

  • Ordering of delivery. The postal code is essential for registering an order in any postal service. You should know the post code Canada of both sender and parcel receiver.
  • To locate the pickup office. If you’re expecting a parcel, you should also know the postal code to locate the related pickup office - not all packages are delivered right to your house.
  • To find a necessary type of Canadapost office. There are various types of Canadapost offices offering different services. If you want to find some exact kind of office to receive exact service, use the Canada Post postal code look up.
  • To track a parcel. Sometimes, the postal code is required to find a parcel on its way to your house or receiver.

Thus, knowledge of the postal code is essential for getting postal services from the company. It’s very easy to find out.

What if I don’t remember the exact address?

If you don’t remember the exact address of the receiver, you can try finding out the Canada Post postal code in different ways. You should open the search page and try entering a street address, rural route, PO box or general delivery to get a postal code. Alternatively, you can start typing an address and see the suggestions. Choose one of the suggestions.

Canada post website has made postal code search as easy as possible. If you want to send or receive a parcel via Canada Post check postal code online – its intuitive search allows for finding a ZIP code within a few seconds. Don’t forget and don’t lose the code number: you will need it for different types of services provided by Canada’s major postal company.

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