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We here, at are always glad to offer you the best tracking experience, providing the most up-to-date and accurate information about the progress of your delivery. But we also treat the carriers with all due respect and by no means want to steal the credit for the excellent services they provide to their customers every single day. That is why here we would like to represent you the official website that belongs to one of the most popular carriers — Here we will provide some brief information about the possibilities the company offers through the website.

Does exist?

First of all we are to say, that there are two official domains that belong to this carrier company. Both sites are legit and provide the same services and options. The only difference is the language, since Canada is officially bilingual. The website mentioned in introduction is for English-speaking customers. If you prefer French version you can always choose though the link basically redirects you to the very same official website. As this company is the national postal operator, the links to its official website naturally end with identifier “ca” pointing to the territorial affiliation of the company.

What services does www.canada offer?

www postcanada ca tracking

www canadapost ca tracking

Thanks to the widespread use of the internet, nowadays you can manage most affairs online, postal services included. Using carrier’s official website you can ship an item online, return your purchase, complete customs form, calculate the rate and cost of delivery, and of course at tracking is one of the most popular options. When it comes to receiving mail, they offer you forwarding or holding your mail; you can choose alternative delivery options by renting a PO box or locating the nearest parcel locker. For those interested, they also provide information on international money transfers and collectible stamps and holiday coins.

Visit find a postal code for your delivery

This can be done in ‘tools’ section you can enter from the main page of the website. This tool works both ways: you can either enter the address to find out postal code, or use the code to find out the complete address. postal codes finder only works with Canadian addresses. As you start entering your address, the system will show you the list of suggestions, you can cut the list by entering more details of the address. This option might be useful for those of you planning on sending mail to recipient who did not provide full details of delivery address.

Can www.canada forward my mail?

This option is convenient if you are planning to move or temporarily change your location. Your mail can be redirected to anywhere in Canada or even internationally. You’ll be able to use tracking tools for your forwarded mail. You can order temporary forwarding in case you’re planning to move for an exact period of time before returning back to previous location, or if you’re planning not to return to previous address, you can use forwarding until you manage to share your updated address information with companies and individuals you have an existing relations with. parcel tracking alternatives

www canadapost

www canada post tracking

Of course, talking about services carrier’s website can offer, we cannot walk past the most in-demand one – tracking. And obviously, at tracking parcel is one of the most frequently used tools. You can keep an eye on the progress of your item’s delivery across Canada no matter if it’s domestic or international mail. All you need is a valid tracking number and any device with internet access.

Tracking number is assigned to all mail going through postal system numbers can have different formats depending on the type of delivery service. The numbers used for tracking registered mail are as follows: if you create your domestic shipment online, the number would consist of 16 digits, for international mail they include 2 letters in the beginning, 9 digits and letters CA at the end; for priority worldwide deliveries number would consist of 12 digits. You can find your parcel number on the shipping receipt or from the sender.

If you don’t want to spend extra time and internet traffic on tracking your parcel at carrier’s official website and avoid using track your package at our website! It is mobile-friendly, fast, has simple and intuitive navigation, and provides you with the most accurate and recent updates of your delivery status. Just follow these easy steps:

  • step 1

    Visit and choose your carrier among the list of available companies;

  • step 2

    Enter your parcel number and click on ‘track’ button;

  • step 3

    Wait a couple of second for your status summary to be prepared.

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