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CanadaPost is the Canadian carrier that provides outstanding shipping service for customers globally and provides advanced physical and technological solutions for individual and corporate clients. Today, this is the major postal service of Canada, and one of the most well-established postal companies in the world.

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History of CanadaPost ca

CanadaPost Corporation (CPC) was established in 1981 as Crown Corporation. It was supposed to help the Post Office Department, the reputation of which seriously suffered because of low service quality, poor working conditions, and a series of strikes in the 60s and 70s. The government decided to change the situation, and CPC started operating the postal service for transmission of information, messages, and goods.

Aside from being a letter service, CPC started providing parcel service: in 1990, it formed Canada Post Systems Management Ltd (CPSML) to promote Canada Post technology around the worlds. Since the moment of its creation, CPSML has launched 80 successful projects in 38 countries.

By 1998, CPC served over 30 mln Canadians and over 900,000 businesses. At the moment, the company forwards mail to every country of the world.

CanadaPost: numbers and facts

Here’s what makes CanadaPost superb:

  • Every day, CanadaPost and its affiliates delivery about 37 mln parcels to over 12.7 mln Canadian addresses and foreign customers.
  • Over 22 major plants and facilities process the orders.
  • In 2017, the company’s turnover exceeded $2 in parcels revenue.
  • CanadaPost office is located in Ottawa.
  • Companies that send over 1,250 parcels a year can obtain the status of a business customer.


CanadaPost provides the entire range of postal services for both individual and corporate clients.

CanadaPost expedited delivery takes about 1-3 days depending on the destination. It ships all around Canada and to other countries. Having a large transportation network at its disposal, the carrier does its best to deliver small and large packages by truck, railway, or any other means.

Huge parcels are delivered with the help of CanadaPost trucking service. Shipments over 200,000 pounds can be sent delivered by large trucks to any Canadian address and abroad.

International shipping is provided on a regular basis, too. International letter sending takes 4-7 days depending on the destination, and costs around $2-3 which is more than democratic.

Aside from that, the company provides such services as:

  • CanadaPost traking online;
  • a mobile app for efficient parcel management;
  • adjustment of pickup time;
  • packaging;
  • international money transfer;
  • collectible stamps and coins.

No matter what kind of postal service a customer needs, it will be delivered in the best way possible. Besides, CanadaPost ca customs service allows for shortening the shipping time – the company has a lot of expertise to solve the customs issues and perform checkout process quickly and efficiently.

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CanadaPost tracing

Customers can get information about their parcels in real time by using the tracking service. The information about the shipping process is regularly renewed, so users are always in the know about the current delivery status. Tracking is done the following way:

  • Open the main page of CanadaPost official website – you will see ‘Tracking section’ No logging in is required.
  • Enter the postal code CanadaPost provided you with when you submitted the order. Press Enter.
  • You will automatically proceed to the page with the shipping data information: the due date, current parcel location, pickup date, and destination.
  • While the parcel is being delivered, users have a possibility to change the pickup window or even the address of the destination. This is possible for some certain types of shipping.

To track shipments on the go, use CanadaPost ca mobile application. It allows for fast and easy shipment management in a couple of clicks. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, too.

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About CanadaPost ca support

If you have questions concerning delivery, tracking, or services, CanadaPost customer service is always eager to help. First, there’s an extensive knowledge base and a large FAQ section to find answers to some common questions.

Secondly, you can call or email assistants: CanadaPost contact information is present on the website. As a rule, the agents answer within 24 hours or earlier. Alternatively, customers can call them to get a reply immediately.

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CanadaPost is one of the most reliable and efficient postal services in North America and abroad. It provides the whole gamut of services for customers from all over the world and ensures strict compliance with due dates and specific requirements. Canadian customers seeking for timely delivery are highly recommended to use this service.

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