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USPS Holiday hours 2019


Apr 10 2019

Are USPS Post Offices open on Holidays or not? We know the exact answer and ready to share it right to you!

Being a national postal operator, this company celebrates most federal holidays by giving their employees days-off, so USPS holiday hours are what you most surely have to know before you send a time-sensitive parcel around any holiday. Though, not all federal holidays are considered by the company as a valid reason to modify business hours, the services would be unavailable for certain days, which can catch you off guard, so by all means take a couple of minutes to check Post Office holiday list to be prepared and plan your deliveries and visits to USPS offices accordingly.

Is today a Post Office holiday?

Is today a Post Office holiday or a federal holiday that does not affect USPS hours?  This question is one of the important ones, as not all federal holidays are considered postal holidays for USPS. On certain holidays you can still post and receive mail as usual. So how does one find out, which day is it? The answer is simple: you just have to check the US Post Office holiday schedule at carrier’s official website.

Was USPS holiday schedule the same in 2018?

The holiday schedule has been the same for some 10-15 years now, so yes, this year you might expect the same postal holidays as in 2018. USPS holiday schedule most probably would not change for the next couple of years as well, so you can just memorize it and feel confident about your deliveries at all times. If you are not sure whether your local USPS office is open on certain day, you can always ask local employees about it as USPS holiday hours can differ from facility to facility.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 16.04.2019