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Post Office Easter opening hours 2019


Mar 12 2019

In case you are interested in the Post Office opening times over Easter - you've joined the correct website! Here we collected the information according to USPS schedule on Easter.

USPS works on a regular schedule on Easter 2019.

post office easter monday 2019

is the post office open on easter monday 2019

Easter is the greatest holiday for every person, who preaching the Christian religion. However, every year a lot of people asking themselves a simple, but quite important question – what is Post Office Easter opening hours? The answer is as same ordinary as the question – the schedule doesn’t change at all. That’s why you can plan your deliveries as usual – and expect your packages to be delivered on time.

Is the Post Office open on Easter Monday 2018?

Luckily, we have a pretty good news for you, if you are asking yourself “is the Post Office open on Easter Monday”. As known, USPS is working on a regular basis on this day, without any changes. It’s absolutely no matter what you want to send – a gift for a holiday or some business orders for your customers – in any case you can be sure that everything will arrive as planned. So, you can remember that USPS Easter schedule doesn’t have any changes regardless of the year.

What are Post Office opening times Easter?

There are no any reasons to start worrying for you, and we will proof it with one simple fact. As carrier says for all its customers - Post Office opening times Easter stays as same as usual. This option makes the life easier for every person, who cannot imagine his life without regular delivery procedures. In case you need to get the schedule of the closest to you USPS office – you can find it by following the link.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019