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Is the Post Office open on Presidents Day 2020?


Apr 08 2019

Are USPS Post Offices open on Presidents Day? We know the exact answer and ready to share it right to you!

NO, USPS doesn’t work on President’s Day.

are post offices open on presidents day 2020

usps presidents day 2020

President’s Day, or else Washington’s Birthday, celebrated on the third Monday of February is a well-known postal holiday. So in case you were trying to find out, is the Post Office open on Presidents Day, more specifically, is your local USPS facility operating on that day, the answer is fairly obvious: it is not. Neither do they provide any kind of deliveries; the employees won’t be coming to pick up your dispatches as well. If you take a walk to any US postal offices on this particular Monday, what you might find is the Post Office closed on Presidents Day. So don’t be surprised as we’ve warned you about it.

USPS Presidents Day 2019 delivery schedule

As it was already mentioned, this day is an official postal holiday, which means that the national postal carrier will not provide literally any services on President’s Day. That applies to deliveries as well. In case you failed to receive your parcel by the end of preceding week, and for USPS Presidents Day is a no-service day, your delivery will be scheduled for the nearest business day.

Was it the same for USPS Post Office Presidents Day 2018?

You couldn’t be more right. The postal holidays schedules does not change much from year to year, more so for the holidays, that are tied to certain day of the week rather than the actual date. So much like this year, in 2018 for US Post Office Presidents Day was a day-off. In case you are planning to send or order any time-sensitive deliveries around the holiday this year, try to manage your mail accordingly in order to receive it without a problem. Actually, if you need your mail delivered strictly on the holiday, you might want to choose another delivery company for which is the Post Office open on Presidents Day.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 09.04.2019