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Is the Post Office open on MLK Day 2020?


Apr 03 2019

Are USPS Post Offices open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? We know the exact answer and ready to share it right to you!

NO, USPS doesn’t work on MLK Day.

does usps deliver on mlk day 2020

post office open on mlk 2020

By the mid-January you’ve thought that the busiest season for the Post is over and decided to send a parcel. But now you’ve got one more circumstance to worry about. Is the Post Office open on MLK Day? Since this holiday is observed on the third Monday of January, and is the next holiday after the New Year, postal schedule and workload are still quit busy, so it might be a smart move to get to know in advance if you’ll be able to send or receive mail on this day, or else the thing you’ll find is the post office closed on MLK Day. This might become a crucial fail, especially if your delivery is time-sensitive.

Does USPS deliver on MLK Day 2019?

If you already gave up the idea of visiting your local USPS office on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but are still hoping to receive your parcel somehow by ordering home delivery, we’ve got some more bad news for you. Now way does USPS deliver on MLK Day. Literally all services this company provides are closed on this federal holiday, so it’s better to schedule your delivery on the next business day beforehand in order to get it as soon as possible.

Was US Post Office open on MLK 2018?

Much like this year, or any other recent years, in 2018 MLK Day was a federal holiday, so it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t be able to find a single Post Office open on MLK 2018. Even though every year the situation with holiday schedule for postal companies is pretty much the same, these questions just won’t stop coming, so yet again we advise you to remember that MLK Day is an official off-day for USPS and you should manage your mail accordingly. Just remember that the answer to the question “Is the Post Office open on MLK Day?” will stay the same for 2020 as well.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 03.04.2019