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Is the Post Office open on Labor Day 2019?


Apr 01 2019

Are Post Offices open on Labor Day? We know the exact answer and ready to share it right to you!

NO, USPS doesn’t work on Labor Day.

does usps deliver on labor day 2019

post office labor day 2019

Are you awaiting delivery on Labor Day? Or maybe you have to dispatch your mail? Wondering, is the Post Office open on Labor Day? Well, in case you are USPS customer, we have some bad news for you, since this day is a federal holiday, when this carrier does not provide any regular services. So if you failed to manage your mail before the first Monday of September, and were planning to take a trip to local USPS office, you will find your Post Office closed on Labor Day. That’s why it’s better to arrange your visits accordingly.

Does USPS deliver on Labor Day?

So now you’ve finally decided not to take chances, and the idea of going to your local PO on this day was put on hold. Now that’s a smart move on your part. But in case you still have to receive your urgent mail, you might now be asking, does USPS deliver on Labor Day? Unfortunately, the answer is still negative. You’ll not be able to receive your mail on Labor Day, if your parcel was dispatched with USPS, and will have to wait until the next business day.

What was the schedule for USPS Labor Day 2018?

It was pretty much the same as on any other federal holiday. Customers of this carrier were not able to receive any service or help. For USPS Labor Day was an official day off. All the company’s facilities were closed, deliveries and pickups were not provided on this day, one would not be able to get in touch with customer support.  That’s why if you’re planning to mail a time-sensitive item, it’s better to manage your delivery taking into consideration, that this year as well in no way is the Post Office open on Labor Day.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 24.04.2019