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Is the Post Office open on July 4th 2019


Mar 14 2019

If you want to know the USPS working hours on the Independence Day in 2019 - you've got to the right place! Also you can find here a couple of other tips according to the Post Office on 4th of July.

NO, USPS doesn’t work on Independence Day.

mail delivery 4th of july 2019

usps 4th of july 2019

The 4th of July is without any doubts one of the most important holidays in the history of the US. So if you spend your time wondering is the post office open on July 4th instead of dedicating it to celebrate and commemorate the independence of your homeland, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll be able to find the answers to most common questions concerning the holiday schedule for the US national postal carrier offices and once and for all drop the question is mail delivered on July 4th. A little hint for you: it is not.

Does USPS work on 4th of July?

As this federal holiday is a common off-work day for most public and private companies, USPS is no different. The post offices are closed on this day, you’re not able to send or receive any mail, or get any other type of service, so it’s safe to say that in no way does USPS work on 4th of July, so plan your visits and schedule deliveries accordingly.

What were the office hours for USPS 4th of July 2018?

It most probably would be no wonder to find out that last year the holiday schedule for this company was pretty much the same as any other year. When it comes to federal holidays, the traditions are rarely broken, so in 2018 for USPS 4th of July was a day-off. The offices were closed all over the country, no delivery was provided. The company was back to work on the very next day, though. This year it’s safe to say that you should expect just the same.

So if you’re planning to schedule your delivery around this time of the year, make sure that this holiday does not affect the required dates of delivery. With this we would like to announce the question “is the Post Office open on July 4th?” officially closed.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019