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Is the Post Office open on Good Friday 2019


Mar 06 2019

The content of this article will give you the clue of USPS working hours on Good Friday 2019. Thanks to it, you will be able to send and receive your packages without any delays!

YES, you can be sure that Post Office Good Friday schedule is as same as for any other working day.

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No sooner have you realized holiday’s approaching than you would be interested in the carrier’s work schedule. So, today it’s high time for you to found out an answer to the question “Is the Post Office open on Good Friday?”. Here we are to help you with this. Here is the really fascinating news – YES, USPS is working with the regular working hours on that day. It means that you can send or receive your parcels without any troubles.

Was Post Office closed on Good Friday 2018?

It’s desirable you were able to send your packages anytime you want. Luckily, US mail on Good Friday was available in the past year not only to send but also to receive the parcels. It gives you a possibility to increase the number of days suitable to set delivery on foot. Faster than all, the sellers will be especially satisfied with the fact that they can organize a delivery before the next holiday. Not even once would you hear that Post Office closed on Good Friday on any year.

Is the Post Office closed on Good Friday?

Now you can sit and calm down! Under no circumstances is the Post Office closed on Good Friday. Even though this holiday is quite important for many people, the USPS decided to stay open on that day to come in handy for every customer. You don’t need to give your life & limb to get the delivery done – this option is available on a regular operating basis cause US Post Office open on Good Friday.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 04.04.2019