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Is the Post Office open on Christmas Eve 2019?


Apr 02 2019

Are USPS Post Offices open on Christmas Eve? We know the exact answer and ready to share it right to you!

YES, USPS is open on Christmas.

post office open christmas eve 2019

usps christmas eve 2019

If you’re awaiting parcel delivery around holiday season and failed to receive it before December 24th, you might be wondering, is the Post Office open on Christmas Eve? Rest assured that most of your late parcels can be retrieved from USPS on that day as well. For the most part, post offices operate on Christmas Eve, though some services are provided with modified hours. So in case you require any assistance from your local PO, and have a hope to find your Post Office open Christmas Eve will not disappoint you, you’ll be able to pick your mail up and get home before Christmas.

Does USPS deliver on Christmas Eve?

If you don’t want to line up at local PO to get your mail, or your item was up for address delivery anyway, you might be able to receive it even on this day. All the deliveries, which were scheduled for this day beforehand, will be provided as usual, since by all means does USPS deliver on Christmas Eve. Though, much like any other day there might be misdeliveries, missed deliveries, or other hitches, so it still might be better to manage your mail so that you can avoid holiday deliveries.

What was the holiday schedule for USPS Christmas Eve 2018?

Last year on this same day the company did work much like you can expect it to work this year. For USPS Christmas Eve was a pretty much regular business day, when you were perfectly able to receive or send mail. Though, as it always is during the holiday season, the offices and sorting centers were overloaded with mail, which caused delays in deliveries and pretty large queues in Post Offices. So even though the fact is the Post Office open on Christmas Eve, we still advise you avoiding postal operations during the holidays.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 03.04.2019