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Is the Post Office open on Black Friday 2019


Mar 29 2019

Are USPS Post Offices open on Black Friday? We know the exact answer and ready to share it right to you!

YES, USPS delivery is available during the Black Friday.

is usps open on black friday 2019

usps black friday 2019

Black Friday is an annual disaster, known to all of us. Despite the well-known info about loads and loads of discounts, some of you might also wonder, is the Post Office open on Black Friday? And we are here to reassure you that by all means does USPS provide all their regular services on this day. Whether you need to pick up your mail, dispatch parcels, or require any assistance from the staff, this day would be just as suitable for it as any other. So you’ll definitely find your Post Office open Black Friday does not affect their schedule in no way.

Does USPS deliver on Black Friday?

Now you know that your local PO will be open on this day, but what about home deliveries? Will you be able to receive your items as scheduled or shall you take some time to rearrange the delivery date? What do you do about time-sensitive deliveries, are they going to come in time? Does USPS deliver on Black Friday? There is certainly no need to panic over this date. According to USPS holiday schedule, all the deliveries scheduled for Black Friday will be done without a hitch.

USPS Black Friday hours 2018

Wondering how it all went last year? Needless to say that, much like any other year, regular schedule was not at all affected by Black Friday rash. For USPS Black Friday hours were the same as for any other business day, which can vary from office to office, but overall, if you know the exact hours for your local PO, be sure that they wouldn’t be modified for this day. In case you were planning a visit to your local USPS office on that day this year, what you’ll find is the Post Office open on Black Friday.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019